This video an interview by David Icke last November, 2020, which only makes it more powerful, given what has transpired since that time, especially new revelations supporting the main claims expressed by Mr. Icke.

If you really want to know the character and worth of someone these days on all matters “pandemic,” the absolute best references are Fact checkers.  Here’s what they say about David Icke and this interview that you will not find on FB or Youtube:

“Firstly, David Icke is a well-known British conspiracy theorist who has previously made claims debunked by Reuters (herehere) . His accounts on Facebook and YouTube were removed in May for misinformation (here), while his Twitter account was banned at the beginning of November for the same reason (here) .”

I consider those impeccable credentials. More impeccable than reputation and credentials, is the analysis and predictions he offers based on a life of research and understanding; an analysis that hangs together and finds sympathy in the experiences that billions of us are going through, while the global ‘cult’ and cabal doing this with incredible wealth and power, as Mr. Icke says, “…could probably fit in a room.”

That’s why “non-acquiescence” is key: a room full of people simply can’t enslave 8 billion people without them not only letting them, but essentially “doing it for them through compliance,” as we have been doing in PEI with every confusing word that comes out of the unelected Chief Medical Officer’s mouth.

So, no matter how much money they have, or how many assets they own, unless those 8 billion say, “OK, come enslave us with your money and power,” which, unfortunately, most have been doing so far, but more and more as saying, “enough with that noise!!” regretting they went along this long.

What is certain is that the direction is in one direction and only one direction on a go-forward basis: more and more people will be saying, “enough,” making it more and more difficult for that room-full of evil globalists to do what they’re trying to do to us.