Today’s Gospel is again from Matthew’s Gospel, that stretch between chapters 21 to 24 where Jesus is being challenged by the Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees and Jewish leaders who are out to trip HIm up with all their smarts about Scripture and the law, and thereby ruin his reputation and undermine his growing popularity.

I was really tempted to put a good lawyer joke in here [believe me, I’ve got lots] but my heart is too heavy this morning to do that with the weight of my reflection, so let’s just move on.


I don’t need to get into the details concerning what I’ve been talking about throughout my daily reflections for those following my writings, but I’ll recap the highlights as a reminder anyways, and for anyone else who may not have read previous reflections.

(1) We’re in the days of Noah. (2) There is a Divine intervention of global scale – that all will witness and be challenged by with a powerful revelation of the truth about life, good and evil, heaven and hell, God and the devil that is soon to happen; …a realization that will reveal to us clearly that we were created out of nothing by a loving and mighty God who gave us the freedom to love and know as He loves and knows, so we could enjoy the same experience of God that He is. 

There could be no more perfect or greater love – to want to share the glory of all that is or ever will be with someone you create, and that is what the devil is attempting to thwart as the evil that has been growing in his minions over the past decades makes a final play to rid the world of God and secure the future for a kingdom other than that of heaven.

Our “free will” refers to our ‘powers’ or faculties that combine our dual capacities to both ‘know’ (with the attention of our mind) and ‘love’ (with the desire of our heart).

That we can decide – correction, MUST decide – reveals the one ‘risk factor’ in God’s perfect plan for us – that we can say ‘no’ to the gift He is offering us (which is life eternal, living with the same fullness of God that He is) and then turn our attention to our self and away from God.

When we do that, we die. When we do that knowingly, we sin and die harder.

To turn away from life is to welcome death, and when we love what is not God and seek to know what is not true (therefore also not God) that breaks us inside, causes us to fall from the grace of union with God, to love something that is not good (“only God is good”) and to know something that is not truth (only God is all Truth). 

What are some of the spiritual factors that describe that union between our soul and God’s Holy Spirit?

That union is the complete abolition of self resulting in the perfect unity of our dual-capacity free will – our attention and our desire

When we attend to the thing that explains us to ourselves in truth with our intellect or mind (knowing God as our Father and Creator) WHILE ALSO desiring to be in union with that truth with our heart, our soul and our entire being [SEE: “First Commandment” as explained by Jesus in today’s Gospel], then we are imitating Jesus and doing the Will of the Father. We are also being our true, unique and marvellous selves that God created miraculously out of nothing.


Clear to some, I should say. Not at all clear to others. 

One of the things about being called by God to be a prophet, or a witness in any way for that matter; to be called to speak the truth that is timely and relevant so as to build up others and give them encouragement and hope and understanding that dispels at least some of the confusion, is it requires we do things we’d rather not do…to make public what may invite personal attack or ridicule, for example. Sometimes that’s what God asks, and it is necessary.

When God calls people to be bold – to take big risks by ‘going public’ with things that have been for a lifetime ‘private’ and between ourselves and our Father in heaven whom we have been conversing with privately in our own room, that can be scary:

“Whenever you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, because they love to pray while standing in synagogues and on street corners so that people can see them. Truly I say to you, they have their reward. But whenever you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you” [Matthew 6:5-6].

To do otherwise than what’s in blue is to draw attention to self (which I’m doing here) which is not permissible according to Jesus, and more than that, harmful and dangerous and completely (normally) unnecessary. Public witness can change that, however. 

Every prophet is a prophet because they are called to witness by sharing what the Holy Spirit compels them to share, with a sense of authority and clarity demonstrating it being true, urgent. To not do so would be to violate that “SECOND, LIKE UNTO THE FIRST COMMANDMENT” to love our neighbour like Jesus loved us mentioned in today’s Gospel.

To make true our faith in God,  and to prove the sincerity by obedience to that belief, and therefore not deceiving ourselves by thinking we are saved by a faith that is actually imaginary and not manifested as real in the decisions we make or our daily lives, and perhaps we don’t realize that our claim to be a follower of Jesus is a total lie:

We love because He first loved us. If anyone says, “I love God,” but hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God,  whom he has not seen.  And we have this commandment from Him: Whoever loves God must love his brother as well.” [1 John 4: 19-22].

So what is the “clear and present” danger we are all in? 

If you have been following my daily reflections you will recall that I have several times focussed on how it is critically-important that we stay out of our imaginations now more than ever, because that interior mental terrain gives evil entities serving Satan access to our spirit.

There are numerous ways that access can interfere, influence or otherwise impact both our thinking and feeling in such a way as to steer us in a direction we should not be going, usually to draw a conclusion that is false which ends up causing a breakdown in loving relationships, damaging or ending them.

Most people seem entirely oblivious to this, despite obvious signs that are well-documented in all the spiritual classics and in keeping with the Magisterium of the Church, such as a lack of logical integrity in decision-making with the fear generating the sense of need and urgency to ‘decide’ something that is not guided by truth and proper discernment, but rather, by a desire to remove unpleasant feelings and/or states of awareness that are causing anxiety or other negative emotions, and by turning away from awareness of truth, engaging in spiritually-deadly processes of willful blindness and self-deception.

Most people may not see it…but some do, and I see it, and I see it in every person I talk to and meet these days. I actually can see the type and nature of the influence that is happening in ‘real-time’ as a direct result of demons, that’s if I’m given enough information from or about the person.

I can usually then “reverse-engineer” things back to a more truthful and good understanding of the situation for the person if they are open to it, pointing out that the ‘entire direction’ of any strategy that results in “ending” otherwise loving relationships over something essentially meaningless and insignificant is the fruit of evil.   

So many people are being compelled or otherwise directed to make bad decisions that hurt themselves and others without any sound or sane basis – things like slowly abandoning prayer, or gradually stopping going to worship with others, or no longer participating and benefiting from the miraculous graces available to us in the sacraments, the Eucharist, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, etc. to help people get back on track.


The great deception that has been effected – it’s almost complete as far as the initial phase is concerned, or well on it’s way to being complete – was to first convince people through lies that mRNA injections were necessary for everyone in the world as a bio-weapon they knew would reduce the population of the world.

The truth that is now becoming known, or at least suspected ‘deep down’, by more and more people, and that will continue.  On the other hand, it is being mentioned by almost no one.

People don’t know that the injection was designed as a weapon, known to be such (documents have emerged from company whistleblowers) and we are truly witnessing an attempt at global take-over and genocide all wrapped up into one horrid package.

In fact, the synthetically-manufactured ‘spike-protein’ was actually delivered via the internet as ‘code’ to Moderna by China, and replicates in the TRILLIONS within our bodies. It was not supposed to circulate within our blood systems (but does) and is now known will be triggered by subsequent infections to attack the body as an  autoimmune disease to severely damage our bodies, blood vessels, heart, and all organs, including the brain, eventually leading to death.

The mechanics and biochemical processes for this Autoimmune phenomena (that has happened with vaccines a number of times before and is well-known to the v-producers) have been explained by the experts (but suppressed entirely, so unknown by many) and although there is debate on whether the mass deaths will happen sooner rather than later – some say within 2-3 yrs, others within 5 years – everyone who receives the injections will die if remedial and preventive measures are not followed.

I have been searching for information about treatments for those having received the poisonous injections and will be posting information within a day or two on what I’ve found…there is some hope and some very pragmatic steps and measures that can (and should) be taken for those having needle-remorse.

And that’s the “PHASE 2” part of the Great Deception the devil has us moving into….he’s worked it so that there was so much collective cowardice and fear in phase I to sell the great lie about why we need needles (there should have been another “s” put on that word in this pandemic response, i.e., “needless”).

Just as the world’s population begins to wake up to that, there is now (which will intensify greatly in the days ahead) so much collective remorse and shame that the “groupthink” will trickle down to a VERY strong desire to not think or say anything about (wanna guess?….keep in mind we’re talking about the devil’s plans for these end times, where Jesus said if not for GOD, even the elect would be deceived)….and you’re absolutely right: THE TRUTH THAT MATTERS NOW!

Many will deny themselves the measures and treatments that may save their lives because of that remorse, shame and refusal to confront the pain of knowing what has been done to them by people they trust, or worse, what they may have encouraged or even pressured others, maybe their own children, to do.

As you can see, the strategy is brilliant – make a person NEVER want to think or talk about the most important thing they should be thinking and talking about – the most important TRUTH they need to deal with to save their own life and soul – and I’d say you’re in the driver’s seat with that rig!

The devil’s deception with this plan plays on corporate creation of collective consciousness which is all based on lies – so the same realm of the ‘imagination’ where demons roam – so to be engaged in that while ‘within’ it is to be captivated and blinded by that framework. That is why the call now is urgent for those following God and wanting to escape the pit at the end of the great deception(s) to FLEE BABYLON.

That’s where my reflections will be heading in the future from what I sense. We need to remind ourselves that to those who stand on the truth (no matter what…and there will be ‘whats’ for sure!) and will suffer persecution will need to look after each other in INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES .

The prophecy is clear in Scripture that those who will not abandon their faith and trust and total abandonment to God out of fear will suffer severe segregation and persecution.

Those who will say “no” to the coercive demands to submit to the idols of science, to accept the lies and false promises being made by the transhumanist eugenicists who are pursuing a god-less evolutionary “survival of the fittest” agenda of selfishness and greed (and by ‘fittest’ we now should understand ‘most powerful and wealthy’) need to realize that the isolation will be two-way as far as the economy is concerned, with both ‘buying and selling’ being prohibited:

“And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark the name of the beast or the number of its name.” [Revelations 13:17].

This means that looking about our own and other’s needs will require two things: (1) simplicity, and (2) self-sufficiency. More on that in subsequent daily reflections.


Today’s Gospel sees Jesus directly answering – in plain language, not speaking in parables – a challenge from the big boys designed to again try to trip Him up. Jesus seldom did that, usually either turning things around with a question for them, saying, “Tell me this first…” which they never did, or by just ignoring them, or sometimes, answering them indirectly by teaching the crowd, while they stood by grinding their teeth at Him, knowing (at least at times) that Jesus was calling out their hypocrisy with His words, and making them look bad to the people, scheming ways to arrest Him, or undermine His authority winning followers and praise, again, making them look bad and threatening their security.

This direct answer wasn’t given to vindicate Himself in the eyes of the ‘lawyers’ – but to challenge them to do more than KNOW what the most important commandment was – TO LIVE IT! 

That is the lesson for us as well in these last days of great deception – not to just follow along and ‘know’ things, but to know what’s important to know, so we can do what’s important to do, and what’s important to know now is that we need to escape the framework that keeps us blind by really “getting out of Babylon” and that means accepting the fact of the coming segregation and persecution and begin a process of preparation for that, both materially and physically, trusting in God as we go forward.

The only way to escape the domain of the imaginary now where demons keep us trapped in the grand deception, within which we need to participate to get along with people and function in society with the way things are being organized and directed, is to make an unequivocal and final CHOICE to give our entire hearts (desire) and minds (attention) to God, to reunite within our spirit our love for good (heart seeking God) with our love for truth (mind seeking God), trusting in power of God to do what we can not.


“Jesus, we ask that you give us very clear ideas today on what we must do to strengthen our trust in you, to see what we must do to protect that uncompromising commitment to You, the Truth, the Life, and the Way to the our home with You and the Father in the Spirit.  Give us the special grace of not thinking of anything today that would cause us to fear, or that would weaken our faith and trust in your great mercy and love, in your victory over sin and death.

Give us, Jesus, the peace and joy of knowing that the crowns of glory that will someday be placed on our heads have already been secured by You, that there are many rooms in our Father’s mansion, and that you have secured one for each of us who trust in your great mercy and love. 

Father, give us this day the fullness of Your Spirit and a double-portion of the Bread of Life, Your only begotten Son, so we may do your Will and bring in the harvest before it is too late.” Amen.