Never before has it been so agonizingly painful for me to honour my promise to always tell the truth, that is, if by not sharing the truth, people will be hurt more by not knowing than knowing.

What I now know, and understand, and feel I must share comes from the leading experts globally in the fields of medicine and science, knowledge related to the immune system and how the mRNA injections function and interact with our bodies once circulating within our blood stream – something they WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO.

These world leaders in the fields of immunology and epidemiology are telling the truth when they say that the mRNA injections are poison, experimental technologies that will cause ADE, which is a massive auto-immune response where our our immune system attacks our organs (based on what is known, as well as the suppressed animal studies where all the animals died from ADE in reinfection) that will end their lives. 

This is a hard a painful truth to share, and an even more difficult pill to swallow and digest, especially for those who have received the mRNA needles.  Little wonder that most who have are unwillingly to consider the evidence or possibility that what is being claimed is in fact the truth.

Yet I must share this informatoin because those needles are still going into the arms of Islanders as a result of the evil leadership still lying to Islanders saying they are “safe and effective,” and most sinister of all, NECESSARY, when they are part of a genocidal campaign and nothing else.

That evil is bent on getting that mRNA into everyone, eventually, right down to babies who are under ZERO threat, and Dr. Morrison has recently stated (without hopeful expectation of success) that the federal government is giving is busy working to grant the necessary Interim Use Authorization for under 12 yrs to receive the needles in coming days. 

The following video clip is from a 2 hr interview with Dr. Zelenko, who is brilliant, unchallenged, and speaks with the authority of both knowledge and personal experience, innovation and great success.

When he explains that the hundreds of thousands of Americans who (allegedly) died from the virus, over 85% could have been saved if they had not been denied treatments that worked, and those decisions are therefore genocidal, because they were done with deliberation, against the laws, and against the best medical advice.