There is a particular piece of information about the end times that Jesus gave his disciples that is now happening in our day, having commenced about 2 years ago and will likely not last much longer before our Lord manifests His power and glory – and mercy and love – to the world.

There will be a sign in the sky that all will see that will not be deniable, although for some it will be rationalized and  ‘recast’ to be understood as something other than what it is in truth, but only in minds that are fragmented and darkened to the truth, focused on futile things, caught and captivated by the corrupting consequences of the deception underpinning and supporting living a life of sin  and bondage to evil.

For the vast majority of the world’s population, however, there will be an illumination of conscience: a moment where the ‘truth’ about oneself and the world in which we live (including how it is under the spell of the devil and controlled by evil people in his service) that had been too painful to look at, and so has been avoided using the dynamics of willful blindness or ‘self-deception’ – as people chose to avoid suffering (the “Cross” they wouldn’t pick up daily) in favour of a life of pleasure in this world.

Pleasure in the body will be revealed for what it truly is at that moment – something that decays and dies and takes our spirit along with it when it does, leaving us empty and lost, but still existing as an eternal spirit with an awareness of how our choice brought us to that empty and lost place in the dark void of that mysterious spiritual realm that exists outside the life of God.

To confront the core truth about what life is – what is real and what is imaginary will reveal in an instant how we have allowed pleasures of the flesh to take precedence over the joys of the Spirit, where one pursues and experience things not of earth, but of heaven, where joy in the spirit replaces pleasure in the body; where peace in the spirit replaces willful ‘forgetting’ and numbness in the body.

Most importantly, where one embraces the gift and the power of the Spirit given because God loves us, which enables us to freely testify to the truth – which requires surrendering that preoccupation with “self” – giving up completely our fear of suffering and death, releasing our panicked concern to protect ourselves, giving that all completely over to God by truly believing that we are loved and saved by the mercy of God for an eternal life with Him, and while here on earth, we must do like Jesus and embrace the CROSS daily – suffering is not our enemy, it is what we experience when we embrace and testify to the truth and chose not to avoid it.

Archbishop Sheen explains the demonic, both from the perspective of psychiatry, and the bible – showing how both paint the same picture, but offer different explanations for our understanding and guidance.

That ‘same picture’ articulated so well by Archbishop Sheen in this talk provides insight into the nature of evil and its manifestation in the policies and programs we are experiencing today as a result of the ‘restrainer’ having recently been lifted – something we were warned would happen by Jesus 2,000 years ago, and which we are now approximately 2 years into….we, as followers of Jesus, need to understand all of this if we are to truly take seriously the danger we are in, and the challenge to which we are being called as we stand against this final attack on the unity of love, the kingdom of kindness and mercy, the unity of understanding that binds us into the same ‘body’ living from the same sap in the same vine – the source of all life, Jesus.

That’s the key message in this video so important for today: once a person is willing to embrace the cross of Jesus and do what he did…walk to calvary with that cross..then  one can look squarely at the truth, walk in truth, and testify to the truth.

Jesus makes it possible to see truth, because He is the Truth which makes sense out of everything else and explains the true meaning of what is and what happens within the Divine Plan and Salvation History.

What is the demonic?  I have used that word a lot over the past months but never explained its root meaning. Archbishop Fulton Sheen explains it in this prophetic and powerful talk delivered many decades ago – what he says is what I and many others are saying about how it is the goal of the devil and his agents – the realm of the diabolical – to tear apart (which is the root meaning of the word “diabolical”) and dividing by DEMONIC accusations attempting to create despair about how we ‘separated’ ourselves from the source of our being and life itself (GOD) through sin.

The work of the devil was more subtle and invisible until the ‘lifting of the restrainer’ keeping evil in the world from manifesting and influencing on a new and much more intensified level, where hatred of truth and evil pursuits not only become more permissible, but both fashionable and ‘established’ in new social laws, policies and practices, as an aversion and censorship of truth, where what is true becomes recast as a ‘threat’ to humanity’s future, and a distraction to the work of building a future wherein we no longer see ourselves as having been created by a loving God in His image, but imagine we attain on our own ingenuity the image of being a god that we cherish – self-sufficient evolving beings destined to live forever as gods, solely on our terms, in a future and universe where no oppressive Divinity exists – the sin that cast Satan out of heaven and away from the presence of God to exist as nothing good or true, having rejected that gift of God.

That’s what we are seeing in our culture – how science is more and more telling us that we are getting close to being able to achieve immortality to become spiritual entities capable of living on in a newly-designed ‘host’ hardware body that stores us like a computer stores software program code (be it a biological body or mechanical, or biomechanical using nanotechnology is no longer of concern, whatever can be found to ‘do the job’ capable of maintaining itself so our ‘consciousness’ can continue to exist, ideally, forever.

That’s why the battle now is ‘spiritual,’ not ‘political,’ as the Archbishop clarifies so well.  We must realize that the great danger we are in regarding the eternal destiny of our true selves, our ‘souls’ created eternal by God.

We need to accept that we will [for certain] be DECEIVED by the dividing force of fear, suspicion, anxiety, stress, and a loathsome preoccupation with ‘self’ (rather than a loving concern for other people) that leaves us blind to the corrupting influence of the great accuser (satan) who condemns us (whereas Jesus saves us) after deceiving us into believing we could be like gods  – like the globalists inflicting this great deception, great reset, and great evil on the world believe – unless we abandon ourselves to the mercy and love of God.