Everything you hear and read these days is geared to terrorize us about an imminent threat to our entire population’s health that is entirely fabricated; in fact, almost entirely the opposite of the truth. Trudeau is not inciting hatred against those pointing out that the mRNA experimental injections now killing and maiming for life HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE when the data (official from government websites from different countries, and certainly on the very “low” end of what is likely the true numbers). He is boldly proclaiming that no “mob of anti-vaxxers” is going to dictate policy [or apparently get a legitimate question answer from him on why he’s spending 1 billion of our tax dollars in a promise to the province to fund ENTIRELY the roll-out of the V-passport within provinces.

The mantras are complete lies that can be easily refuted with the government’s own data, but no media will report that data, so the deception seems to continue with respect to the fake creation of a DIRE need to get approval to inject little kids, and do whatever possible to FORCE adults who have not received the injections to get them, and that force is taking on extremely violent tones where hurting by excluding, segregating, denying, mocking, etc. is being made culturally-acceptable by our own Prime Minister. How sad when you can easily find video clips of a much calmer looking person a year or so ago assuring us that Canada’s V policy respecting the rights of Canadians to make choices, and is voluntary. Here’s something to think about:


“In a new study in the Journal of Infection, scientists explain one likely reason why so many vaccinated people are getting sick: a dangerous phenomenon called Antibody Dependent Enhancement or ADE.”

Despite the fact that multiple medical authorities predicted, told us, and hoped, ADE would not impact Covid-19 vaccines, data from the study indicates it has done just that.