I spent far too much time this week trying to make a cell phone audio app file recording in a very reverbery church bearable to hear, with marginal success. There are still quality issues with the audio track, especially in the first part of my two-part presentation, where it appears my cell phone picked up some signal with the projector was being set up, which is the background noise mixing in with an irritating voice in the background.

If you lower the volume and increase the bass, it might make that part easier to listen to near the beginning, after Peter’s reading of the Gospel commentary and sharing. 

What I said in that first part before Lori Currie is now legible at least, but the background noise is still very distracting.  So my apologies for that, but stick with it…it’s only about 10 minutes, then the sound quality improves immensely.

I converted the audio track into a video to access various editing features I have in a video-editing program, and also so I could insert the video clip we watched during the evening session.  I have a video software editor, so when I did that, I decided to also put a few other images with the audio track.

The evening lasted about 2.5 hrs, and I’ve edited it down to 1 hr; so, I apologize to all those who had excellent comments and questions and shared their ideas that were not included. 

Many of those interjections were related to immediate issues of concern that are happening as a result of recent and very stringent, unjustified measures.  The focus of interest is, understandably, on the “let’s get doing something”  against those harsh policies and measures, which is great, because that’s what you do when you imagine an organisation up and running, thinking about a vehicle to do something can generate lots of good ideas.

It’s normal to think about the destination, especially when we feel we need to leave where we are soon, and perhaps without adequate time or preparation. But one must not put the cart in front of the horse, as they say, and we don’t even have any clarity about what the weeks and months ahead will look like, or require from us. 

Before we trouble our heads too much about all that and toss our “Jesus, I trust in you!” buttons in the garbage, let’s get real, and focus on the task at hand – finding transportation cause we “ain’t going nowhere” without a bus, or train or possibly an ark of some kind!