This is one of the hardest pieces I’ve ever typed.  I’ve been rehearsing it  in my head since Tuesday, since a late-day, hour-long meeting that Dr. Laura Braden and I had with the two top priests currently overseeing the administration of the Diocese of Charlottetown, until a new Bishop gets instated, took place.

It’s been hard knowing what to write, because I’m still trying to come to grips with what I see as a massive betrayal by the leaders of the Catholic Church, here in PEI and elsewhere, amounting to a complete refusal to openly “testify to the truth” in order to give good guidance to the sheep (adults) and ensure the protection of the lambs (children) under their spiritual care.

We’re in the midst of the greatest spiritual battle the world has ever seen, and our priests are preaching without ever mentioning anything of the evil afoot….how does that make any sense??

It’s the same ole, same ole…no “clarion call to arms” to face and fight this great evil, the greatest spiritual battle the world has ever seen. or ever will see.

It’s all about personal holiness through acts of  charity, praying and fasting, partaking of the sacraments, and looking forward to heaven! As for the rest of what’s going on in the world – just comply!


These are all good and essential things of course – prayer, fasting, sacraments, etc., but when they happen within a bubble totally cut-off and “abstracted” from the real-world dynamics and realities that define the “context” wherein we are called to witness to the truth in our day-to-day lives, then they can foster and support a state of complete spiritual and mental deception, rendering a person blind to how they are participating willingly in evil campaigns.

When the Gospel message is preached in such a disconnected way, untied from a truthful understanding of the situation within which we are living, a context which dictates the nature of the TRUTH that we are called to testify to in order to say what needs to be said, and do what has to be done, then what needs to be said and done is not said and done!

How do we know what needs to be said and done if we’re priests with a flock to tend?  We look for whatever is necessary to (1) give good counsel and guidance to adults, and (2) properly feed and protect children, but especially what is necessary to defend those under one’s care who are at threat of harm, and to proactively, and courageously, expose evil with the light of that truth (whatever it may be, i.e., “scientific truth” is needed in the current situation of evil and deception) in order to reveal what is from God, what is good, as well as what is not good and based on lies, which can now be easily demonstrated with evidence, if someone would only communicate that truth (or allow it to be communicated) clearly to the people.

A kind of “dualism” [that I honestly thought was dead among our priests] is apparently alive and well – dividing body and soul, matter and spirit, earth and heaven, etc., which is truly tragic.

Our Meeting – An Overview

After a gracious and polite greeting, and a prayer to begin our meeting, at the suggestion of Reverend MacDougall, Dr. Braden and I focussed on two things:

(1) as hard as it is to believe, everything that has been said about the entire pandemic as far as the science has been a ‘lie’; and,

(2) despite an army of scientists, vaccinololgists, immunologists, microbiologists, etc. articulating how the mechanisms of the mRNA injections function within, interact with, and harm the body as a pathogen; and despite the evidence now proving we are under attack with a “bioweapon” produced in the lab to deliberately infect humans; as a result of heavy censorship., most Islanders are unaware of the truth, and  have no idea the lies built on lies day after day are indeed lies comprising an entirely fraudulent narrative that is false in every respect.

At one point during the meeting, after Reverend Sherren said something about not being a scientist, or not even being able to understand the science, I made the comment, to paraphrase:

“You don’t need to be scientists, you need to stand up and demand a verification from our government that what is being done is indeed – as claimed – safe, and given the high risks of harm, needs to be done.”

In other words, to take what is known to be true, what is not being contested, only ignored and censored, and to then testify to that truth, or to somehow make it possible for others to do so, (i.e., sponsoring a “public debate” on the science of the mRNA injections, lockdown strategy, masks, PCR tests, etc.), it is not necessary to be a scientist, only someone interested in fostering an open and democratic debate.

In fact, it’s possible simply to point out the inconsistencies and irrational elements within the dominant narrative as it evolves to see the lack of any scientific foundation for what is being done and said:

The mission for the church is to communicate accurate information and truth to parishioners about what’s happening with this tyrannical move by globalists, including the great danger from the completely unnecessary mRNA injections, so they will be able to make decisions that are informed by the truth.

Reverend Sherren responded to my call for the Catholic Church (he and Rev. MacDougall specifically) to testify to the truth with, “Our call is to testify to the Gospel”.  I took those words  as a rationalization (bordering on self-deception) expressing a desire to stay out of the mess of day-to-day life in the Church in PEI with Covid-19, to avoid getting, as Pope Francis once famously said, contaminated with “…the smell of the sheep.”

I left that meeting with the idea that both priests are likely to stay with that view of their “role” as a compartmentalized one, separated from the actual historical dynamic in which we are called to live in imitation of Jesus: a form of “testifying” to the Gospel that’s completely ‘abstracted’ from the facts about the real world as it exists in truth, the world that demands our ethical and spiritual responses, the world in which we are to work as labourers in the harvest, challenging false teachers and charlatans set on manipulating, using and abusing people, to be a witness against such evil by think and act like Jesus would, with His Holy Spirit, as he called us to do.

Where is the “shepherding” with that approach where “mum’s the word” when it comes to warning people of grave danger?  What’s charitable about not bothering to protect your sheep, and casting your lambs into great harm by staying silent about that the harm and saying nothing?

How is turning a blind eye to such evil feeding Jesus’ lambs? How can these men live with themselves knowing (or at least sensing that the strong possibility exists) that innocent children will be escorted to clinics by deceived parents, perhaps immediately after Mass, after hearing all those holy words?

Yet, the same person preaching those holy words is willing to ignore truth and allow those in his care to walk out the door to be poisoned with gene-editing medical treatments maliciously engineered by global tyrants on a demonic campaign to establish a New World Order with a digital social credit system controlling everything and everyone (aka “communism”).

World leaders are under a spell, just as was foreseen by St. John in Revelations, and it seems a lot of our Church leaders, including here in PEI, are under a spell as well:

“With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.” [Revelation 18:3]

“For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.” [Matthew 24:24]

Quantum computers – editing the Human Genome – months from being able to produce unlimited power from a FUSION reactor hotter than the sun – artificial intelligence…. and the list goes on!

Those are indeed “great signs and wonders” , and with the fear-mongering and constant catastrophic forecasting, it now appears that MANY are convinced that we must worship these new powers as our new saviour….that the time has come to put our faith and trust  not in God, not in Jesus. but in ourselves, in our superior intellects and marvellous inventions and spell-binding ingenuity. “Spell-binding” indeed!

The onus has now fallen to MAN it seems (not GOD…who’s clearly taking too long to act) to move swiftly to fix everything currently polluting and harming the world, all the things these same globalists ruined with their chemical poisons, disrespect for the ecosystems of soil and water, greed, etc., all brought about with the same arrogance, ignorance, greed, selfishness and pride as what they are effecting now on a larger and more devious scale, with much greater and more permanent harmful consequences for humanity and our future.

The new ‘idol’ granting salvation dawning for earth’s future in the consciousness of humankind (thanks to manipulation and messaging that moulds minds), fuelled by frenzied efforts with daily UN and WHO news releases, constant and increasingly alarming “case count” updates creating panic and worry for the future, and a constant preoccupation with the ominous new threats from ominous-sounding new variants like Omicron.

This “cartoon” in the PEI Guardian newspaper last week speaks volumes on the “messaging” of pending doom requiring us to hand over our freedoms.

The effort is to seize control of everything, tear down everything, then rebuild everything “new” to be able to control and own everything privately and decide the fate of people and the world outside of any democratic process, with a “global reset”  to achieve a 2030 climate crisis agenda, which even Pope Francis has apparently been duped into believing is ethical and worthy of support, when that vision of world peace and salvation is a godless and barbaric one of transhumanism and darwinian evolution of the most brutal and unempathetic kind.

Neither Reverend Sherren nor Reverend MacDougall appeared to want to consider doing or saying anything that will compel them to act publicly, because (it appears) that is something that they are simply not willing to consider doing.

To me, that’s called “passing the buck,” in a attempt to abdicate responsibility to do battle in the spiritual warfare which is afoot. Such seems designed to shift the focus of attention to something or someone else, so as to then be able to excuse oneself from action more easily, and hide from having to face one’s call to duty.

To remain silent given the facts that Dr. Braden and I promised we could provide incontrovertible proof of, facts that together add up to a steady move toward a world where there will be the complete loss of freedom and GREAT harm to Island children, revealed to me just how “drunk” Church leaders have become. with the wine they’ve been drinking from secular society and corrupt governments for far too long, some would say “creating an addiction”, much of which has come in cheap vintage kegs from Trudeau, via the Charitable Free Tax status the Church has become dependent upon for financial survival, and certainly doesn’t want to jeopardize and possibly lose!

But just look what is being lost in the balance?

Our priests – until they bravely speak the truth that mRNA needles are maiming and killing innocent people, and that the entire fraudulent lockdown strategy is enslaving the rest of us, forcing us to give homage to what is clearly idolatrous, against our Charter Rights and Freedoms – they appear to be just as numbed in the noggin as the majority of the people gulping down the great deception narrative daily thinking it’s the bread of truth.

Reverends Sherren and MacDougal were offered all the evidence they need to speak and act in defence of what is good and true, but neither apparently have any interest in even seeing that evidence.  I suspect they know “deep down” that things are not right with the way things are going AT ALL, but also know the likely cost to them personally if they were to bring that truth to light, so unless you’re willing to do that, don’t look (too much guilt).

In the wake of a 2-year psychological operation forming our collective unconsciousness on a new foundation of fear, relying on blanket censorship, constant lies and fear-mongering from politicians and health officials that won the hearts and minds and blind support of what is happening from the vast majority of Islanders (including the majority of ‘parishioners’ the priests preach to each Sunday)…it seems that our current Catholic Church leaders – Chancellor Sherren and Administrator MacDougall – are of the view that it is better to see none of the truth at all and remain hidden, in silence, then to open pandora’s box.

In the spiritual warfare underway, such a refusal to answer the battle call against lies and deception and death amounts to our shepherds opening the gate, going for a nap, and giving wolves access to the lambs.

Those who see the truth and have put God above giving in to pressure to do what is against one’s free will and conscience, are now being  persecuted by other people in the same congregation, or in some cases, by the very priests who are quick to say “Lord, Lord,” while feeling completely justified in looking down their noses at those not wearing masks, or choosing not to get the needles, with a righteous-sense of both indication and condemnation.

Fear was the dominant emotion I sensed in both priests –  a fear they might have to take a public stand, or be required to act publicly in any way, other than in support of what many of the Canadian Bishops have already publicly stated by way of endorsing and promoting taking the injections as the preferred “moral” response…i.e, what Jesus would want us to do to prove our “love for neighbour”.

But what if the evidence was that the entire public has been consistently lied to about everything?  The injections are not going to help anyone, but kill many, and disable and weaken the rest as they are give up control over their own bodies and futures in submission to tyranny [e.g., a blatant violation of our fundamental charter rights and freedoms] and a Vax Pass segregation system that dictates, without question, what we can do, who we can see, and where we can go.


The leaders of PEI’s Catholic Church (and probably many others) don’t want to look at and fully know the EXTREME danger we are all in, most imminently, children, who are now getting injected with gene-altering technology, when they have absolutely NO medical need for protection against Covid-19. Why not? This is SERIOUS business…we’re talking about the wellbeing of our children after all!

The synthetic genetic code sequence that is being inserted into our protein-making machinery that God gave us, takes over that biological machinery to force our bodies to produce something that our unique God-given genome would never produce on its own –  i.e., A PATHOGENIC PROTEIN that our own immune system identifies as a threat to our body, then attacks the cells of our body to which the protein attaches, i.e., blood vessels, causing a host of blood-related diseases, with the spike proteins congregating in both testes and ovaries.


Will the leaders of the Catholic Church of PEI continue to tacitly support a demonic campaign of deadly injections being put into innocent children, despite knowing in their hearts that what they heard from Dr. Braden and me this past Tuesday is likely true?   Truths about:

  1. How the injections are now known to be pathogenic with outrageously high (and multiple) adverse events;
  2. How the government has banned effective and inexpensive treatments to get the injections approved, which has already led to the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and Canada alone;
  3. How children are at Zero risk from COVID-19 and don’t need to be subjected to the risk of harm from injections; and much more.

“How can you be so sure the priests will not take any action,”  you might ask? Three reasons:

  1. What their body language had to say;
  2. What they said in response to the urgent call to action that was delivered to them;
  3. What they didn’t say in response to the urgent call to action that was delivered to them, things they should (and would) have said if open and ready to say “yes” to the Spirit of God, and the call of Jesus to feed his sheep with the bread of truth and and protect the lambs from harm.

The spirit and attitude I discerned was one of evasion and avoidance, a clear bias to deflect the prophetic “call to action” being delivered to them as leaders of the Catholic Church elsewhere (i.e., to the laity, to the bishop PEI will someday get, ect.); saying things like, “we’re not scientists”...so, a clear lack of interest in exploring and doing research into the matter, or hearing the results of the research undertaken by Dr. Braden and me, and many others.

Both Dr. Braden and I explained that the situation wasn’t one where there was a highly technical scientific “debate” happening, but rather, that there is a global genocide underway with a campaign of deception. We need heros willing to stand up against the forces of evil and deception, heros willing to speak the truth and demand accountability from our elected leaders.

It appears the leaders of the Catholic Church in PEI and most priests are – after nearly 2 years – just as inclined to conform with the majority and comply with the rules as Islanders from other walks of life, and are, like so many, simply unwilling to look at the evidence!

I asked Rev. Sherren point-blank if he had read the persuasive material sent to him and all priests by my brother more than 6 months ago, information that SHOULD have set the Catholic Church in PEI on the right direction at the time!

He said he had not read the letter. I asked him why not. He said Garth wasn’t a scientist. I said he wasn’t purporting to be a scientist, but he did provide powerful evidence in the form of links to peer-reviewed science from leading scientists. Rev. Sherren shot back: “Yeah, but are they n the right context?”,  to which I paused briefly, feeling a bit defeated by the whole exchange, then said, “You’d be able to answer that yourself if you’d read it!”

Both Reverend Sherren and Reverend MacDougall were very supportive of the idea that there needs to be a public debate on the science, and lauded Dr. Braden’s efforts to stimulate such a debate.

Dr. Braden pointed out that the problem was the extreme censorship, how the truth is not getting to people because only one narrative is allowed to be told, which has been the case for nearly 2 years, stressing that the problem really isn’t that a ‘debate’ has to happen so much as the exposure of lies happen by evidence being made public and being communicated to lots of people.

When I asked Reverend Sherren what it would take to convince him that with every needle into the arm of a child another evil act of deception likely to lead to serious harm and potentially premature death, given the many mechanisms, and Dr. Bridle has been attempting to inform Canadians with heavy condemnation (but no legitimate rebuttal, scientifically) and virtually complete censorship, save for social media cites frequented only by those already aware of the great deception, so effectively, COMPLETE censorship.


Harms that were understood and predicted many months ago based on the biological, chemical, cellular and genetic mechanisms, foresee to happen as a result of the injections, is now increasingly happening, with increasing numbers of people suffering from any number of multiple disorders and diseases, mostly blood-related.

Just yesterday – December 5th  – a new study raises more serious concerns about the impacts on fertility from the injections, something that foreseen and warned about – then totally ignored – since at least last May:

That was  1/2 a year ago, but no one would listen then, and now that people are suffering what was predicted, no one will listen now.

Now we’re seeing confirmation in the lab of what Dr. Lindsay warned would happen, urging an immediate halt to the injections many months ago, but again, ignored.


The response from Revs Sherren and MacDougall that, “we are not scientists” completely evades the point:  “being scientists” is not what I believe Jesus is asking of them at this moment in the history of the Church in PEI –  nor was it what Dr. Braden and I were asking of them.

In fact, we wanted them to make this a priority, look at the evidence immediately to realize the truth of what is happening, then take immediate action to correct the disinformation Catholics have received.

Specifically, we asked that, based on the lack of any risk to children from real data, and the GREAT risks already proven from real data, the Catholic Church join others in calling for an immediate moratorium on the needles until the core, critical questions the PEI government has been pummelled with for months and has refused to acknowledge or answer ARE ANSWERED.

Dr. Braden explained that there were already lots of scientists with the truth, just none willing to stand up to defend the lies the public have been pumped full of for nearly 2 years….for one to do so would be for the corner card to become dislodged and the entire house topple to the ground.

When Reverend MacDougall mentioned that he had watched some videos on Youtube of Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Braden immediately informed him that he was part of a network of scientists and doctors to which she belonged, and having spoken with Dr. McCullough recently, assured Reverend MacDougall and Sherran she could arrange a zoom call for them with Dr. McCullough; neither indicated that’s something they wanted to see happen.

That’s why what is needed is for the leaders of the Church to believe those who are bringing them the truth, so they can inform the tens of thousands of Islanders that sitting quietly listening to them  say whatever they want each Sunday to protect themselves from a deadly bioweapon.

That doesn’t appear to be the way Reverends Sherren and MacDougall see things. We were not asking the weigh in on the “science” – but only to look at the evidence proving the claims both Dr. Braden and I were making, that all that purported science is a sham and a cover for a fraud of global proportions, and the needles are now proven to be pathogenic. That means that for every kid jabbed, there’s another kid in the well!!!!


It was brought up a number of times, especially by Reverend MacDougall, that most of the bishops across Canada are supportive of the vaccines, and that with no bishop in place here in PEI, nothing can really be decided officially on the matter.

This approach completely fails to recognize that something has already been decided, by default, which is that the Catholic church sees no basis for an “exemption”, i.e., wants all catholics to be jabbed. That’s a position, a very wrong one based on an elaborate web of purposeful disinformation and lies.

That position also indicates a total lack of intention by the Catholic Church – with a long and rich tradition of Social teaching and social action for justice – to show the leadership in PEI that is desperately required to break through the wall blocking access to the truth by so many Islanders.

It appears these two priest-leaders have no intention of taking any actions at all, but plan to keep sitting squarely in the middle of a fence watching things unfold from a safe distance, watching as their flock become more divided by the day, as families suffer, children miss out on knowing what life is supposed to be, and we all slide a little more each day into chaos, as we’re managed and controlled like puppets by the top-down decrees of tyrants set on destroying the very thought of freedom and God.

I may be wrong [I hope I’m wrong] but I got a very strong sense that neither Reverend MacDougall nor Reverend Sherren intend to do anything at all differently as a result of the meeting on Tuesday.

I expect them both to do everything they can to stay quiet and leave things as is, doubling their prayers for a bishop to get instated asap so as to get the matter off their plates. The problem with that strategy being, of course, that there are an increasing number of children falling into those metaphorical wells with each passing day, as poison needle after poison needle continues to be plunged in pre-teens as young as 5 years old.

That’s the sinister side of psych ops – if Dr. Laura and I had rushed into the Chancery Office after a “search for a child” was called off declaring we had evidence that child was still alive and where the child was….that would NOT be ignored, nor questioned, nor would we hear comments like, “you have your opinion and the people who called off the search have their opinion”  – but they’d be grabbing their coats to immediately go help find the child, trusting that what was being claimed was true [why would it be fabricated?].

That didn’t happen with “hundreds of children” unfortunately, for all the interconnected reasons having to do with the negative dynamics of social conformity, the manipulation of attention to create a state of consciousness characterized by self-deception and “willed ignorance,” and the weakness of being human.

We will continue to see increasing division among people, with intensifying animosity with the “vaxxed” as they mix only with like-minded people in their new preferential “upper-class” Vax Pass access to social life, being egged on and vindicated for feeling hatred, thanks to sinister sermons from parish priests. like Reverend Maurice Praught gave at St. Pius X in East Royalty on the feast of Christ the King, which is still being talked about with glee in the halls of hades.

I won’t be writing to either priest again, or mentioning them in future posts unless absolutely necessary. I feel I was called to “deliver a message”, which I did.  When I mentioned that I was there with a prophetic message, Reverend Sherren chuckled saying, (to paraphrase) “lots of parishioners bring me prophecies – which usually contradict one another.”   I’m not sure what the point of sharing that was meant to be, but I read it as dismissive, which is a VERY dangerous attitude for a Church leader, and certainly not what scripture calls for in such situations:

“Do not scorn or reject gifts of prophecy or prophecies [spoken revelations—words of instruction or exhortation or warning].  But test [a]all things carefully [so you can recognize what is good]. Hold firmly to that which is good.”  [Thessalonians 5:20-21].

A first step in “testing all things carefully” would be caring enough to actually read the material –  an attitude I pray both priests soon receive, for the sake of our innocent children.






I honestly thought that at least a few priests would be on the front lines in this final confrontation between the church and the anti-church, the one that St. Pope John Paul II warned us to prepare for….but I guess they don’t exist (not yet, at least) in PEI.

During his visit to America in 1976, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, the archbishop of Cracow who two years later would become Pope John Paul II, delivered his prophetic message in Philadelphia, on the occasion of the bicentennial anniversary of American Independence. Wojtyle said:

“We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel.

We must be prepared to undergo great trials in the not-too-distant future; trials that will require us to be ready to give up even our lives, and a total gift of self to Christ and for Christ. Through your prayers and mine, it is possible to alleviate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it. . . .How many times has the renewal of the Church been brought about in blood! It will not be different this time.” [St. JP II, 1976]

The fear of “taking public action: or of “speaking publicly against the dominant false narrative” was palpable to me with both priests.  Everything in their demeanor, comments and responses, what was asked by them, and what wasn’t asked by them, as well as the complete lack of any indication or initiative on their part to do anything by way of follow-up to our meeting [except consider something that was sent for possible endorsement, such as a call for a moratorium]….it all smacked of “we don’t want to do or say anything”.

Because as much as I’m praying for it, I have not yet come to believe that the leaders of the Catholic Church in PEI will undergo the kind of conversion that St. John the Baptist came to announce in his day – a repentance in anticipation of the coming of the Lord, and an act of surrender to the Will of God to act courageously in defence of the truth and in protection of the flock, especially the innocent lambs.

Miracles are possible, but judging by the fact that neither priest has since taken me (or to my knowledge, Dr. Braden) up on our offers to provide evidence for all the shocking claims we made in our meeting so they can truly realize the truth of what is happening and recognize the urgent need to immediately warn parishioners of the danger.



If we don’t see them, I wonder if the response they will get from Jesus is the one he said would be given to those who fail to produce good fruits by doing the Will of God:

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” [Matthew 7:21]


Rather than a link to a catholic homily or talk, I’m posting information on a fascinating zoom meeting coming up that Island priests would benefit from signing up to watch. If you’re a priest sitting on the fence, you don’t want to miss this incredible evening. So get your online viewing tickets now, by clicking here.

This is a must-see event for those concerned about the pandemic, government lockdowns, religious freedom and other civil liberties.