Reverend Maurice Praught is the Pastor at St. Pius X Parish in Charlottetown, PEI, and delivered a homily during three Masses celebrating “Christ the King” on the November 19-20th weekend which [rightfully, and thankfully] upset a lot of lay Catholics.

My previous “Part I” post chopped up the full video into about 10 parts, so I could more easily address the specific things he said. The segment that was especially upsetting to those in the pews was the following:

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I had received a number of FB messages and emails alerting me to the fact that Rev. Praught went off the rails in his “Christ the King” homily, but details were sparse, most being messages asking me if I had heard about it, probably hoping I would respond with more details than they had themselves.

It was a full week after the Feast of Christ the King when I started hunting for the right video on the Parish website. I figured it would have been within the last couple of Sundays, so I started my search for the homily with November 13th. I ran out of time, and had to get ready for Mass myself, and hadn’t gotten to the Christ the King Mass video. So I had no details yet, but it was on my mind during Mass.

During Mass, unbeknownst to me, at 9:25 (AM), roughly the moment of consecration, a message was put on my phone by a parishioner of St. Pius X concerning Rev. Praught’s homily, which of course, I only found out about when I got back from Church a few minutes later.

I returned the call immediately. I told the person that I had just begun an article about his homily, but that I hadn’t watched the video of the homily, and wasn’t sure what Sunday it was – she told me it was Christ the King.

This person – brave soul that she is – told me that listening to him literally brought her to tears in her pew, and that she had confronted Rev. Maurice after the Mass about the matter, adding that she wasn’t at all satisfied with his response to her concerns. She later decided to write a letter to Father Maurice, which she copied to every Catholic priest in Prince Edward Island.

I asked if she’d like me to share her letter, and she said for sure, feeling very strongly [as I do] that anything that has people leaving church with it in mind to do the EXACT opposite thing that Jesus would want them to do as a result of words coming from the priest can’t be allowed to stand. In this case, that false messaging came with a forceful spirit of division, not backed by the words or Spirit of Jesus, but secular dictates completely without merit, without scientific basis, dividing the people of God attempting to COME TOGETHER to worship and celebrate!

I asked if she had received any responses from any of the priests. I doubted she had, because my brother Garth had received none when he sent the priests of the Diocese a letter 6 months ago, a letter containing an excellent synopsis of the evidence of fraud and the extreme risk of harms with the mRNA injections.

Garth also provided documentary evidence on the criminal suppression of effective treatments that were from the outset BANNED by our own federal government (and still are), with doctors being fired now for treating AND HEALING elderly people with C-19 who were on the edge of death. So kudos to Rev. Chris Sherren, Chancellor for the Diocese, for responding, writing a thoughtful letter, which I’ll also share below.

As I’ll note in final comments, Rev. Sheeran is not talking about the situation that needs to be addressed by our Church leaders at this moment in history – [and from the perspective of the Church itself, this moment in “salvation history”].

On Friday, November 26th, 2021 at 3:23 PM, *************** wrote [TO ALL CATHOLIC PRIESTS IN PEI]:
I am writing this email asking you all to watch the attached YouTube video on Fr. Vincent Capodanno who was a true hero during the war. He fought for the people and delivered the sacraments to those on the Frontline. Is Covid 19 our war with the implementation of a vaccine and a VacPass that has caused a great deal of division around the world.
I have attached a letter I have written to my parish priest Fr. Maurice. I have chosen to share this email with as many priests across the province I can reach out to. After today’s Guardian article and how this affects our Diocese. Are we running from a flu?
Thank you for reading my email and any response or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks *********

Dear Fr. Maurice
I am writing this email in follow up to our conversation on Sunday after mass. I stated my concern with your homily. You clearly stated “It was mind boggling why people are questioning whether or not to receive the Covid 19 vaccine.”
May I remind you, you are a parish priest with no medical educational background to my knowledge to make that statement. As a priest you are looked at as a person of trust and people take to heart what you say.
This decision to receive the Covid 19 vaccine is a personal decision for individuals. This is a decision made by them or in consultation with their medical team based on private personal health history. You clearly spoke to the congregation expressing your personal opinion in your homily.
I believe you clearly expressed a division within those you were speaking to. May I remind you God offers the church as a safe and accepting place for all. In saying that, may I remind you the Island has a 90.7% vaccination rate. So who were you preaching to?
Your role as a priest is to be there for the people, all people; God didn’t discriminate.
As a priest, you have an obligation to deliver the sacraments to all Catholics without judgment as was laid out in the Bible. We all have one person to answer to.
While you owe fidelity and obedience to the Holy See and the office of the Pope, unless the Pope is speaking in a very limited capacity of ex. Cathedra, then he is speaking fallibly. You and the rest of us are not bound by pain of sin to obey what he says, especially if it does not pertain to Faith and Morals. I will not base my immortal soul and salvation on any man’s personal opinion.
Over the last few years, I have noticed the church cloaked in fear in regards to Covid. Our church needed to rise up and go to battle to ensure the people that God is our one protector and salvation, to trust him. True heros from our church were priests like Fr.Larry Lynch and Fr. Charles Watters who fought and would deliver sacraments to others on the Frontline.
The major worries for me amongst this pandemic is the loss of our Canadian Constitution and eroding of our Human Rights. The church needs to ensure the state does not interfere with our freedom of religion. It is the church’s responsibility to ensure Catholics are able to receive the sacraments.
I would like to express my concern of the possibility of the Diocese of Charlottetown would consider to implement a VacPass. This would restrict and discriminate against individuals who have chosen not to disclose their personal medical information and they would be denied their sacraments.
I would also like to know where the Diocese stands on Religious Exemptions. Individuals are making a moral and religious decision not to receive this vaccine. This vaccine is made with fetal cells from abortions. With the ongoing research evolving from the studies of the effectiveness, adverse reactions , safety concerns and who can transmit the virus. This would be a person’s own personal choice whether to receive said vaccine. How does the church view this?
Please educate yourself to what is happening around our world and the division and damage this is causing. A major concern now is for the children and how will they be affected by these vaccines, which will be rolled out starting tomorrow on the Island. Please keep these children and their families in your prayers for the unknown effects.
Thank you for listening to my concerns, and I would appreciate any response you may have in regards to my letter. May God bless you during this difficult time and guide you.
Thanks ***********


Hello ————–

Fr. Vincent sounds like an impressive person.

Regarding your question about the diocese’s opinion on religious exemptions, only Fr. Brian [MacDougal] or one delegated by him could speak on behalf of the diocese.

For my part, I would first point out that it is not the Church that grants them. They are granted by the organization requiring something contrary to a particular religion. If an organization has a standard policy requiring something contrary to a religious belief, but the organization also (for example) wants to hire someone of that religion, then the organization grants an exemption from its standard policy on religious grounds.

No doubt there are other important legal issues there but those would be for a lawyer to answer. It seems to me that an important factor in this process is determining whether the religion in question actually teaches that a certain action is immoral. Or, at least, when it comes to claiming a religious exemption based on Catholic faith, it is important to determine whether the Catholic faith actually prohibits or requires a certain behaviour. When it comes to receiving any of the four approved Covid-19 vaccines, there is no such teaching, as can be seen at the following resources:

Vatican COVID-19 commission note: https://press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/en/bollettino/pubblico/2020/12/29/201229c.html

CDF Note: https://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_20201221_nota-vaccini-anticovid_en.html

These documents were written with knowledge of the use of HEK293 derived cells.

They note that the cooperation with evil is remote, which means the action is not morally prohibited. This is not a new principle of moral theology, it’s been around for longer than I’ve been around anyway. Of course, no Catholic is forced by the faith to receive the vaccine either.

If a Catholic wishes to avoid medical products that are in any way connected to HEK293, that Catholic is free to do so. There are many other medical products such a person ought to avoid as well. But I cannot see how an argument for a religious exemption could be mounted when our religion does not say that receiving these vaccines is immoral, at least not with regard to the question of the HEK293 connection.

If there is some other attempt at an argument on Catholic religious grounds for prohibition against receiving these vaccines, I have not seen it yet.

I am aware of the division caused by things related to Covid and the fears that exist. These are certainly not good things. Would that all were united in the Lord! And I, like many other people, priests or otherwise, encourage people to place their trust in God. We’ve even begun a synodal event where the theme is centred on the importance of walking together. I do pray for everyone affected and plan to continue to pray.

I’m not sure if this helps or what guidance you were looking for but it’s what I can do tonight.

Fr. Chris


I was impressed with Reverend Sherren for taking the time to responding with a thoughtful letter that certainly took some time to compose.

Unfortunately, he addresses only one issue mentioned by the parishioner really, in terms of the Churches stand on “vaccines” and exemptions, and that’s concerning the use of fetal cells in the injections. He gives references to a couple of Church documents concerning the issue of whether the Church considers such vaccines “immoral” on that basis.

On this issue, fetal cells in vaccines, or what are purported to be vaccines, I believe Rev. Sherren should have, in fairness, pointed out that there are many Catholics within the laity, clergy and high ranks of leadership of the Church who accept the part of this teaching that says that the ‘choice’ is for the individual to make, and then use persuasive arguments for why that choice, in the current context, given all the knowable (but censored) facts, that informed moral choice should be “no”.

With respect to the foundational reasons why most people I know – including Catholics – are refusing to be injected with the mRNA needles is because they have learned the truth that they are both unnecessary and dangerous, and are, in fact, part of global campaign to “reset” everything in favour of a global system of governance that is not democratic.

In a word, the facts, peer-reviewed science, testimony of the very top vaccinologists, microbiologists, immunologists and senior company executives and workers within various government agencies and the Pharma companies themselves provide multiple lines of corroborating evidentiary arguments demonstrating that what is happening is both a conspiracy of incredible scope, and genocide.

It is really good to see Reverend Sherren’s letter turn to what we as followers of Jesus should really be about in this divisive times:

“I am aware of the division caused by things related to Covid and the fears that exist. These are certainly not good things. Would that all were united in the Lord!”

To be united, it is necessary that our shepherds move beyond confessions of ignorance about what is truly happening, with comments like, If there is some other attempt at an argument on Catholic religious grounds for prohibition against receiving these vaccines, I have not seen it yet.”

Hopefully that has since changed. My next article in this series will give a brief overview of an hour-long meeting that Dr. Laura Braden (an Islander, mom of 2 young girls, and an expert in the fields of microbiology and immunology) and I had with Reverends Sherren and MacDougal.

In the meantime, as I indicated previously, I’ll end with a short clip of a Catholic Priest giving the message Jesus wants delivered by our Shepherds, not the ignorant and dangerous ill-informed guidance based on lies and destined to do harm delivered by Father Maurice Praught during his Christ the King homily.

Following that is a short clip from a speech by Corporal Bulman, who worked as a security special forces officer protecting the Prime Minister, explaining why he may soon lose his job for refusing to follow orders from our PM that undermine and obliterate our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms without just cause, as is required to be demonstrated by the emergency laws that stipulate that EVEN IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY those rights and freedoms are not to be infringed upon.


The Spirit of God is speaking truth through this priest….contrast the confident delivery from the heart with Reverend Maurice’s stumbling recitation of words on paper.


No Catholic priest should be mentioning these untested injections to their parishioners in any other way than to provide information to properly inform parishioners so they can in turn properly inform their conscience about whether the injections are “good,” and be able to discern whether what is being said about them by our media and leaders is “true”.

The evidence is OVERWHELMING that they are neither good nor based on what is true in any sense!

The fact that church leaders can even turn what is happening into a ‘moral debate’ about taking “vaccines” is indicative of the thickness of the deception shrouding their minds and numbing their hearts to the call to battle against such evil aiming at our innocent children now, and amounts to tacit support of tyranny, something this brave officer of the law took a stand against….will our priests?