Cecil Rhodes set up a secret society seeking to make the entire world a series of “colonies” to be CONNECTED to the British dominions by ship and railroad.
The Rhodes scholarship was established to train people living in British colonies to become influential and manage positions of power so as to steer things towards the goal of a global New World Order run by Great Britain.
It’s sadly comical, and tragically ironic, that the techniques Dr. Morrison is currently employing to manipulate Islanders into compliance with policies that have nothing to do with ensuring public health are social policy techniques identifying and managing public perceptions, rather than her relying on science and medicine and using a simple and transparent method of communication with Islanders that is one of sharing facts, with a willingness to have open, public dialogue and debate.
That’s the training Dr. Morrison received at Oxford – indoctrination into the British world view of colony management and alignment with the homeland’s priority plans…that’s Dr. Morrison’s doctoral area of “expertise”:

“Perceived impact of public involvement…? Hmmm.”

That sounds like the kind of language underlying catchy social policy propaganda plays like “…we’re in this together…” and “…when it’s time for you to do your part…” – not superior medical knowledge of the body and diseases. as we’re led to believe.
Islanders will soon come to understand how Dr. Morrison is consciously doing what she is doing [i.e., acting with foresight, planning and intention] despite knowing: (1) of the harmful impacts of her decisions on the one hand, and (2) that the decisions she is making to mask and vaccinate are completely unnecessary, on the other.

“I’ll be starting a new series published only on my website outlining with documented evidence Dr. Morrison’s participation in crimes against humanity, and that means, her fellow Islanders.

This intent is evidenced in countless decisions that Dr. Morrison has made, and continues to make, daily; in what she says and does, as well as in what she doesn’t say or do, not least of which is her refusal to acknowledge and respond to countless appeals from highly qualified Islanders providing her with uncontested science demonstrating that the measures such as mask wearing and mRNA innoculations are dangerous to public health (on many levels) and offer no additional “layer of protection” for people against a virus posing no threat, with the availability of effective treatments.

Dr. Morrison has been actively engaged in censoring and ignoring the truth. Despite knowing she should – based on the scientific and medical knowledge available – immediately stop what she knows are dangerous and unnecessary bioengineered injections of a radical new gene-editing technology into Islanders, even young children who are essentially unable to die from the virus but are already starting to from the injections – despite the absence of full knowledge of the ingredients, potential adverse health impacts, and there being no data on the long-term effects on humans who have had their genetic material altered for life with those injections.
Dr. Morrison’s refusal to respond to a growing number of Islanders who have been sending her very valid questions and challenges, letters offering solid evidence and links to peer-reviewed science against the measures she is imposing on Islanders causing personal and economic harm, is ITSELF evidence of her knowledge of the truth, highlighting as well, her unwillingness to tell Islanders the truth she knows, and to confess that she is indeed supporting a nefarious political agenda having nothing to do with securing public health for Islanders.
Dr. Morrison was TRAINED at Oxford with a Rhodes scholarship, then positioned in one of Britain’s colonies (Canada) to exert total control over the entire population of PEI, using psychological manipulation and propaganda to influence public participation in the health policies she is advancing on a fake foundation, confident she will not face a major challenge, with both the media and government backing her irrational strategy of lockdowns, mRNA injections and boosters indefinitely for everyone, triple-layer masks, relentless testing of people without any symptoms of disease, use of tests for diagnosis not intended for such use (PCR) and unreliable, vax pass segregating Islanders despite all the new infections being with those vaxxed, etc.
When I first began researching the pandemic, in particular, investigating whether it may be founded on a fraud, I discovered two early signs that a massive scam was underway. Although not proof, they were strong indicators.
The first was how, with nearly 200 possible “candidates” for vaccines in the works, and only a handful relying on gene-editing our cells to make them produce the spike protein, yet ONLY those candidates emerging as the ones being marketed and injected (to this day), and (2) how there was a distinct and VERY EARLY correlation between countries banning the use of Hydroxychloriquine, making it almost impossible to obtain, and BRITISH COLONIES!
I put this together more than a year ago, but never bothered to publish it until now. As an investigator, seeing this correlation more than a year and half ago certainly raised a lot of questions then, as well as suspicions and ‘theories’ that I’ve since been able to find evidence to verify. showing that this striking correlation between draconian non-health policies posing as health policy is not coincidental.
The Rhodes Scholarship fund was made possible by riches wrung from the sweat of hundreds of thousands of black backs as they toiled in the De Beers Diamond mines of Rhodesia.
De Beer, owned by Rhodes, was funded by the Rothschilds. Rhodes, had very close associations with both the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, who backed and bankrolled his conquests to conquer Africa for the homeland, using the vast numbers of slaves he worked like cattle in the hot diamond mines.

Rhodes is, surprisingly, one of those nefarious characters we find in our history who is so despicable he has the power of uniting people – enemies even – from the most extreme ends of the political spectrum: Conservatives loathe him for his economic tyranny and globalist agenda seeking conquest and control of others, which he sought through secret societies and not democracy; and Liberals despise him for his raw and ruthless racism, and demanded his statue be torn down last year, curiously, around the same time Morrison was strangely mum on the thousands of people violating her Health Orders in place at the time, in a protest in downtown Charlottetown, PEI, dismissing the need to make a fuss over it at the time because, as she put it at one point in an interview, to paraphrase, “…racism is a pandemic that needs to be addressed as well.”

[Thank God Rhodesia was renamed, and is now “Zimbabwe”]

I have no intention of going any further down these historical rabbit holes connecting people and secret societies. It’s a distraction none of us can afford, i.e., pondering and dwelling on historical pieces of the puzzle to explain how what is happening today first came into being as a global scheme, and then try to articulate and explain multi-generational plans, who the principal agents at various stages of historical development and implementation of the plan were and are today, etc.

My interest is with evidence regarding what is happening now – things that needs to be exposed and stopped before we lose our freedom entirely, on a permanent basis, and no longer have any control over our own destiny, both personally and collectively as a society here in PEI, a future we have a duty to protect for our children.


Whether it was Rothschild or Rhodes or Rockefeller or some other Rotten Ronnie (Ron James perhaps?) isn’t immediately clear, and isn’t necessary to know at this juncture.

What is certain is that there must have been a plan to “join the colonies” [as Rhodes tried to join each new territory in Africa, using the slaves he himself enslaved, to achieve the really big vision of world conquest, which he was careful to incarnate in his wills and bequeathments, so as to have it “live on” in the organizations, connections and investments he made to fund and fuel the quest to colonize the entire world for Great Britain’s great global ‘network of colonies‘.

We are now seeing the execution of that masterplan unfold, with uncanny precision.
Those behind the decisions today are not even attempting to hide the globally-coordinated roll-out and messaging, as we see news clips from global leaders all over the world using exactly the same new catch phrases, on very FIRST DAY those catch phrases were coined and made public, spoken in the script associated with announcement of new lockdown measures – all designed to generate fear and anxiety, globally.
I never heard a single person commenting on how this winter we’re currently in would be an ominous and “dark winter” – but last year, wow! Last year, that’s all we were hearing no matter what station you tuned into anywhere in the world in the weeks before Christmas.
To the day, a chorus of “experts” and trusted media talking heads were making us feel the apocalypse was at hand, and that it was finally time to get out the candles for a dark, cold winter like the world had never seen before!
I don’t have an answer to the question regarding the “motive” driving what is happening in the world; however, increasingly, with the confirmation of “gain of function” lab-produced bioengineered virus dubbed Sars-Cov 2, allegedly producing COVID-19, that motive is clearly not PUBLIC HEALTH.
It’s likely a combination of things, but with the censorship of information about a massive number (over a million in Europe now) of ADVERSE EVENTS and deaths, genocide can not be ruled out.

Nor can a massive medical experiment on the body’s ability to tolerate and adapt to things like “graphene oxide,” an experiment with an interest in transhumanism, openly discussed by global billionaires as one of their driving passions – i.e, the quest for longevity and the ability to live forever.

The “myth” that Dr. Morrison has some kind of superhuman medical knowledge of the body, health, pharmacology, and all things relating to how sickness can be warded off and cured is so prominent in PEI that I felt it necessary to set the record straight about this almost “mystical” association that Premier King and…well, almost everyone….cites often putting Dr. Morrison on some illusory, untouchable pedestal, beyond criticism.
Travelling on Rhodes’ Train to the New World Order
Cecil Rhodes didn’t set up his Rhodes Scholarships to build medical expertise in people like Dr. Morrison. Cecil Rhodes set up that fund to build an army of confederates in a long-game global scheme to network all the British colonies, with these influential people working toward the same goals on behalf of the “motherland”.
Dr. Morrison didn’t study any “doctor” stuff with money from the Rhodes scholarship fund, nor did it help her to obtain any superior medical knowledge; she received the same basic medical training from Dalhousie medical school that every other doctor in PEI receives.
No, Dr. Morrison was funded by Rhodes to research and train herself [with the guidance of the Rhodes curricula and vision] to do exactly what’s she’s doing now – managing the implementation of an agenda using health as a shield, managing a population through misinformation, disinformation, and the manipulation of their participation, perceptions, and practices to achieve certain objectives.
I have not yet obtained a copy of Dr. Morrison’s dissertation, but I would fully expect to find some doozy ideas about how important it is to placate a nervous population for “the greater good” with lies and smiles, because that’s what we’re mostly getting from her.
There would likely be some great insight into how a government medical czar like Dr. Morrison – positioned and protected with unquestioned authority on all things “medical” – can get people to do what she wants, even when it makes NO SENSE.

Whatever it is she soaked up from the British Imperialists seems to have worked like a charm, and by charm I mean “spell”.…and by spell I mean “evil spell”.