The Voice of God's Call To Do Spiritual Battle Against Tyranny!


Fr. Danny Wilson is first, with a short segment from his homily from yesterday’s Mass [Saturday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time, January 29, 2022].  To hear the entire homily, go here.

Father Mark Cherry offered a special Mass for the efforts underway associated with the trucker convoy in Ottawa. This is from his Facebook page:

Holy Mass & Prayers for Canada and all who will gather in Ottawa”

This is a time of prayer for Canada, for the truckers, people, families that will gather in Ottawa, for all Canadians and the situation we find ourselves in.

Fr. Mark’s homily offers a very powerful, practical series of reflections and guidance on the imperative of repentance and becoming actively involved in the great spiritual battle underway – that battle is a war for souls; an attack on freedom and human dignity, and a play for control of our land and the entire world.  It must be resisted if we are to be faithful to the call of our Lord Jesus to follow him and imitate his life.

To hear the entire homily, go here.

Here are two rare, and very COURAGEOUS priests, both of whom I know well and consider personal friends: Fr. Danny is my Pastor here at St. Patrick’s Parish in Ft. Augusts, and  Fr. Mark and I have been participating in a Sunday evening online prayer cenacle (Flame of Love Rosary, followed by discussion) with about 20 other people from PEI, NB, NS, Alberta, BC and as far away as Louisiana (Hi Candance!).

Amazing people!

May God bless Fr. Danny and Fr. Mark and continue to inspire and strengthen them for the hard road ahead, and may they be an inspiration to their ordained brother priests, who we desperately need to also join them in the still-thin ranks of “Active Good Shepherds reporting for duty!”


If you would like to see if participating in either an “online” or “in-person” regular prayer group/cenacle is something you’d like to learn more about, contact Lori Currie,  Prince Edward Island Provincial Coordinator of the Flame of Love movement.