BREAKING: DOZENS” OF PEOPLE support truckers leaving for Ottawa (according to the Guardian): 

The RCMP told the CBC reporter that there were HUNDREDS of people there – “approximately 300” , to be exact – not “dozens”:

“Gunn estimates more than 70 vehicles left the province in the convoy and approximately 300 supporters were lining the road as they left.”  [See: “Trucker convoy headed to Ottawa ‘peaceful,’ says RCMP,”],

Notice the focus on the gathering being “peaceful” – phew! 

Yep, the gun-runners weren’t able to land on the North Shore due to the freezing weather and ice conditions, so were unable to deliver the rocket launchers. Dang! “…nutin got ah blowed up!”

The embedded fear in the Guardian and CBC story angles is palpable! 

Their way of framing the event guides the reader’s attention to:

(1) …minimize the numbers (and number of people in the general population who are “on that side,” by extrapolation), to;

(2) …think in a certain way, then [and this is the really important one], to:

(3) …FEEL in a certain way (scared and apprehensive about those who have a different opinion), produced by what the reader is directed to think about ” in a certain way” regarding the event, especially in what context or framework within which that thinking takes place. 

The message that the mainstream media is attempting to communicate to the public is designed to generate curiosity, negative suspicions about the people going to Borden, fear of negative outcomes that could potentially negatively impact them, then “relief” that no of that happened…they didn’t turn violent….THIS TIME!

To paraphrase how I imagine they would put it, if they were being honest, speaking in plain English:

“..we’re dealing with a bunch of crazy Dangerfields we need to keep a close eye on to ensure these (so far)  benign crazies [who likely stopped taking their meds] don’t escalate things into violence, and show themselves as the dangerous criminals we deep-down know they really are!” 

Wow,  wow and wow! 

Moms and dads with babies bundled to the nines willing to drive to Borden to send off people fighting for the return of sanity, democracy and freedoms, in -27 Windchill conditions, hundreds and hundreds, and the CBC story is – as I would paraphrase it on what came straight from the RCMP via the CBC to the public – as one of “relief” that it turned out to be peaceful and not violent…THIS TIME: 

“Thank goodness…we dodged a bullet (figuratively speaking) by not having to dodge actual bullets (for real)…THIS TIME!!! [dum, dum, dum]….PHEW!

fade into next episode teaser…

“Tune in tomorrow, or perhaps even later today, to see what the crazy, selfish, anti-vaxxers will do next. WILL THEY GO EVEN CRAZIER THAN THEY ALREADY HAVE?  Might they TURN ON US LIKE THE CRAZED, NON-VACCINATED, SCIENCE-HATING, ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN FREAKS  WE KNOW DEEP DOWN THEY ARE?” 



The real story at Borden,  that was not covered by the people trained  to do exactly that, and paid with our tax dollars, in the case of the CBC.  How obvious and sickening it is that our Public Broadcaster is fighting hard to pretend there is nothing happening, when something HISTORIC is happening: SO MANY ISLANDERS (with fellow-Canadians across the country, in droves) are WAKING up, and STANDING up to reclaim our stolen constitutional Rights and Freedoms!

I’ve heard from countless people who attended the launch in Borden, and no one I spoke with bothered to “count” anything but their blessings that we have truckers with consciences – especially since the people at Borden were spread out gathering in different locations over quite an area, with countless people also in cars (many were in cars travelling in the escort across the bridge as well, or just in vehicles to stay warm). 

One person attending told me that standing in the crowd watching the convoy and escort pass by hundreds of others – in the “secondary” pooling area (you’ll see in the second video below) – all with beaming smiles, some with tears of joy freezing on their faces made her feel like she felt the day she gathered with fellow-Islanders many years ago when Terry Fox united Canadians with a vision of hope and goodness!

She’s one of the ones who was scraping tears off her face.

It appears that Dr. Laura Braden –  who, by the way, did Yeoman’s work organizing and coordinating for the PEI convoy send-off and escort – had no idea there was a second crowd and stream of people along the immediate base of the entrance to the bridge. She seemed genuinely shocked at the second much larger group of supporters, thinking that the group she described as an incredibly awesome turnout that had amassed at Chad Ceretti’s store, were in their cars in the parking lot there, or standing along the street just after Ceretti’s, as the convoy and escort headed off for the bridge. She believed that was the sum total of the people that came to the bridge for the send off.   

Ha ha…what a nice surprise she got. And she happened to be “rolling”  at the time,  so we get to share in her excitement.

I’m putting up two videos in this post, both filmed by Dr. Laura Braden, who was so overwhelmed with the size of the crowd – and numbed from the bite of the cold on her face from being outside in -27 wind-chill for an hour – that she blurted out the “F” word (and no, it wasn’t “Fauci”?). 

Watch em both. They’re really great!

They capture what was [for over a thousand people for sure, and potentially as many as 1500-2,000 people…it’s really hard to say] a new hope and spirit of Canadian “togetherness”  forming on the side of goodness, hopefully, signalling the beginning of the end to the daily ration of lies, corruption, scandals and fearful forecasts we’ve been fed for what seems like FOREVER! [You know how they say “time flies when you’re having fun? Yeah, well….]