I find astounding that people in positions of power and authority who communicate with Islanders – and who have a moral duty to inform Islanders of what is true and good, and therefore being pursued by government discovered through research and due diligence -and it appears they are so convinced that their assumptions are true, and the claims of people like me are false, that they feel no need to take a minute to check the facts. Journalism at it’s absolute worse – deceit posing as journalism.

The issue of how the injections are  pathogenic therapies that worsen health in myriad ways by weakening and confusing the natural immune system needs to be unpacked and explained in some detail. My intention is to address each of the two key but interrelated issues separately:

(1) how recent studies and real data show the vaccines don’t work; with scientific explanations on why they are responsible for producing new variants; and

(2) how the bioengineered mRNA therapies function inside the body; how the “spike proteins” they force our cells to produce are pathogenic; and how a key aspect of that pathogenicity is how they significantly weaken and impair our natural immune response to disease.

If my claims are true and provable – which they are – how is it possible for people like Teresa Wright and Louise Martin to not be able to see it? Or even consider it might exist and be “see-able”

That’s why I felt it was important to put out this article discussing how the data is being manipulated, consistently, daily, for a VERY long time, which supports the false narrative and helps to hide the truth.

Showing that (and pointing out that those in power feel the need to mislead, deceive and lie to us, which should give any Islander pause in and of itself, regardless of all the evidence an arguments to expose what they are actually doing is harming Islanders, unnecessary, and therefore the continuation of which is EVIL!


In doing research for that article, I came across examples that I believe provide insight into how there is a very DELIBERATE effort underway by Dr. Morrison to mislead Islanders and to keep us from seeing the full truth.

This manipulation of data – in conjunction with the ongoing, groundless and outrageously fearful, future projections that are based on nothing but ridiculous assumptions and ‘modelling’ – needs to be identified and corrected in “real-time” as much as that’s possible, to stop future harm. 

Dr. Morrison pulled some major “sleight of hand”  stuff this past week that would not have been possible – or at least not nearly as easy – if not for the manipulation of information and data relating to those allegedly (1) testing positive for COVID-19; (2) were hospitalized; or (3) died.

That’s what the rest of this  article is about –  this recent data manipulation by Dr. Morrison and the CPHO, and how her keeping Islanders from seeing the truth is keeping the tyranny train on track. Just before that, consider what Premier King said back when he was still just trying to become Premier about the need for governments to be transparent, to provide Islanders with full and ACCURATE information:


I pointed this out in a previous article; however, we just don’t need to know about it, we need to LEARN how we are being lied to to dissect and challenge those lies, so I’m repeating that same information here:

“Read the “footnote” after the word “unvaccinated” in the official data on the government’s website and you’ll read:

Unvaccinated cases include those who were unvaccinated or whose episode date occurred less than 21 days after their first dose of the vaccine.”

THREE WEEKS less a day after getting one injection, and you happen to catch COVID, yet the statistics show you as never having had a needle at all!

ONE DAY less than 2 weeks after getting TWO injections, and you happen to catch COVID, yet the statistics show you as never having had any needles at all, putting you down as “unvaccinated”!   More fraud.  But Why?

Worse, when I noticed the big jump in the statistic on “hospitalizations” I knew something was up with that little number 1 after the word.

Sure enough, despite everyone in PEI (and the world) thinking “hospitalization” should mean what Merriam-Webster says it means, which is: 

That now means – in PEI at least – only that you received treatment in a hospital, not ‘stayed overnight’ kind of thing, like the dictionary, you and I think, whenever we hear that someone was “hospitalized” – no one thinks “trip to the ER”!!

But here’s the footnote after that little innocent “1” number after the word hospitalization:

1Received treatment in hospital as a result of COVID-19?

The influence of the corruptors is now so great in the world that their fraudulent use of the word “vaccine” for the gene-editing therapies that have NOTHING to do with vaccines – as defined in the dictionary – wasn’t challenged by the dictionary people with a “Hey, you can’t call a horse a duck bucko!!” – they changed the definition to broaden it to include these therapies that are not vaccines, but only program our cells to produce certain proteins that can (potentially) trigger an immune response from the body:

According to an archived version of the dictionary’s website, Merriam-Webster formerly said a “vaccine” was “a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms, or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease.”

The new definition of “vaccine“, published in May, reads: “A preparation that is administered – as by injection – to stimulate the body’s immune response against a specific infectious agent or disease.” 


With the new definition being given to “hospitalization” (officially) – but everyone still understands that word  to mean “staying overnight in the hospital” – it becomes much easier to manipulate public perception when key policy decisions are being made. 

Let’s take a look at the data, then the way it is being presented, then consider some scenarios that are more likely the truth. 


1Received treatment in hospital as a result of COVID-19 is the “revised” definition of “hospitalization,” so given that everyone normally understands hospitalization to mean staying overnight, and the wording only says treatment was provided “in hospital” (not that the patient was necessarily staying in the hospital) one can only assume this is a manipulation of public perception to make what is not really a problem at all seem like an escalating crisis:

If receiving treatment “in hospital” means only that a person when to the ER, was seen, and went home, then to put things in a more truthful “fear-free” context, 31 Islanders out of a population of roughly 165,000 people went to get checked in 2 years.

In any previous year with a seasonal influenza outbreak that number of people visiting the ER would be MANY, MANY times higher, as would be both the overnight hospitalizations and deaths.

Although the “snapshot” data of “active cases” [NOW] is given in the above chart, the total number of hospitalizations is provided creating the impression at first glance that “31 hospitalizations” pairs with “2640 active cases” when the current number of hospitalizations (given in another chart) [NOW] is a little more than half that number – 17.


The two claims that I made in my tweet to Ms. Wright (not making that mistake again) were: 

  1. That it is “…no joke for SOME people with vaccinations because the vaccinations damage the natural immune system and make the disease more severe,…” and;
  2. That “…the vaccines don’t work”.

That’s the bigger  article I’m working on now, but what I want to draw your attention to here is the truly unbelievable attempt by Dr. Morrison to continue the lie that the vaccines work, and I believe the data speaks for itself…but Dr. Morrison won’t tell us what percentage of the total number testing positive THIS WEEK were vaccinated, because it’s likely 100%, or nearly that number! 

Look at the official CPHO data just updated January 26th:

Really? “…a percentage of the population who are vaccinated may become infected…” 

How about 100% of the infected are vaccinated…” to tell the truth? (or nearly that)…and saying they’re “highly effective” is just a bold-faced lie. 

They are pathogenic and have a net NEGATIVE ‘protection’ in terms of long-term health, and there is no more need for experimental gene-therapies causing genocidal-scale adverse events outpacing any documented benefit from the mildly mitigating therapeutic treatment to infection from some previous variants from the mRNA injections, BUT NOT THE OMICRON, the now-dominant variant.


There are now 17 people being treated in hospital for COVID-19 in P.E.I., including one person in intensive care, according to a news release the Chief Public Health Office issued late Thursday afternoon


Given the now overwhelming evidence of great harm from the vaccinations on the one hand, and no need nor benefit from them to protect Islanders on the other, it’s truly becoming scary with the manic panic evident to continue to put a needle into everyone (they’re moving to reduce the 5 yr floor to FIVE MONTHS). WHY?  It’s (seriously) if you can pierce through the deception and soberly consider the government’s own data – not as deadly as the cold in PEI. 

When 20% of thousands of Islanders are “testing positive” it is safe to say that community spread has happened – and that is where we now are, according to Dr. Morrison, so why the harshest lockdown measures ever?

It wouldn’t be possible if the truth wasn’t be mangled by manipulation and malevolent intent!

The thing that truly worries me the most with the current situation is the continuation of the Vax Pass under perhaps another guise, more “financial” in nature.  If that is allowed, it is very difficult to see how it would be strategically possible for us to ever reclaim control of our freedom, our lives and our government.

That’s why I watch closely the manipulation of data by a person who got her Rhodes’ Degree studying the perceptions and engagement of the population in the rolling-out of health policy!

There is ZERO justification for that Vax Pass continuing, but look at what Dr. Morrison did. She pumped up the number of “hospitalizations” to 31 and put that out through the corrupt broadcasting compliers (CBC) on