I am so proud of our very own scientific expert in PEI on matters relating to viruses and immunology, Dr. Laura Braden, a Microbiologist (formerly) at Aquabounty, who is sadly no longer working there because she knows the experimental injections are both unnecessary and dangerous, and made an informed decision not to enlist in a global gene-editing experiment.
Dr. Braden did a bang-up job as MC for the Friday afternoon PRESS CONFERENCE in Ottawa, featuring three amazing medical and scientific experts discussing the very latest science:  Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, and Dr. Byram Bridle.
Laura not only KNOWS the mRNA injections are both dangerous and unnecessary, she can also explain why and how, and the general PEI public should know that she has been doing that for months on PEI, i.e., explaining what, how, and why to a number of our MLAs.
I won’t name those individuals now, but I was told by attendees at several of those meetings that a few of them were VISIBILY upset, and were “moved” enough by what they heard from Dr. Braden and saw in video clips she brought to those meetings, that some promised to take action right-away, apparently truly knowing and believing at the time that the needles had to be stopped immediately.
That was a few months ago  – there’s been NOTHING BUT SILENCE from them all since!
The three invited experts from the government’s “science” panel [including Dr. Tam] didn’t even bother to acknowledge the invitation let along show up [we learned that they actually have these experts BLOCKED].  No surprise. 
As you will see from the shocking and convincing presentation of information from these three men, giants in their respective fields globally, there IS NO SCIENCE TO COUNTER THE TRUTH!


There are already many, MANY Islanders, children and pregnant women especially, who have been PUT AT GRAVE DANGER and unnecessary risk as a result of the MLA’s silence.
After hearing the truth, watching key videos from world scientists Laura showed them, including from the person described in this video as a Canadian deserving of a Nobel Prize, a Canadian, Dr. Byram Bridle, who also speaks in this amazing video, our elected leaders have chosen to do nothing, to say nothing, like a bunch of Sgt. Shultzs.
But it’s been documented…those meetings and what they actually DID HEAR, so they can’t say they heard nothing, saw nothing, know nothing. There will be consequences for knowing, having a duty to act, and failing to do so.
Those MLAs were provided with first-hand “in-person” information in meetings with Dr. Braden; asked (and got answers to) their questions from her, and were keen to do something to stop this evil…..what happened?
It’s not to late to act – to do the morally-right thing. Follow the inspirations you hear listening to the silence in your soul…the ones that come from the depths, the Spirit of truth.
Draw deeply from the springs of compassion in the seemingly near dried-out wells in your heart…do your job you’re being paid for…and to get the courage and clarity you need to do that: WATCH THIS POWERUL REVELATION OF TRUTH AND GET ONBOAD THE MOVEMENT AGAINST THIS GREAT EVIL HURTING SO MANY SO UNNECESSARILY.


It’s time to put medicine back into the hands of doctors – to stop banning treatments that work [there is now – based on the evidence – every reason to believe that Dr. Morrison and our government are ALREADY guilty of failure to prevent death by refusing to administer known and effective treatments...the studies have shown that even with people over 70, Ivermectin prevents as many as 85% of deaths!!
Islanders have a right to know what is happening behind closed doors in the hospital with these patients, given the continued refusal to admit the scientific truth –  TRUTH that you will hear and understand if you take the time to watch this video.
I’ve watched a lot of videos in the last few days, nothing compares with this in terms of sheer passion and clarity about the situation we are facing in Canada.
Dr. Laura Braden…..BRAVO!
P.S.:  I’m not actually going to prepare an application nominating Laura for an Order of PEI . I would if I thought it had a chance of success, or heard that she was coveting an award from a corrupt government, but it would be a total waste of my time…the envelop would be opened, and the application would go from the mail box to the garbage box in about a minute. Now, if Laura had been knitting tiny sweaters for homeless kittens for the past two years….well now, I’d be over that application like flies on…