Episode # 10 E-Gaming

Was The Former Liberal AG Part of the Alleged "Gamesys Proposal"?


Jeffrey Warren Reynolds (JR) was not just a political analyst in the back ground.  JWR appears to have somehow gained Full Access to the  what Islanders call the infamous “Back Room”.
Court Filings show that JR had unprecedented access to influential and powerful people – the Premier, sitting PC Cabinet Ministers, former Liberal Cabinet Members, e.g., both the “current” Attorney General [Hon. Bloyce Thompson] and “former” Attorney General.
JR even had significant access to the Premier’s wife, who communicated with JR regularly on Facebook Messenger, some of which he shared with Maines, and found their way into the record.
Not only does JR tell Maines via text and messenger about the back room meetings, JR also shared the personal messages he received from those insiders, messages that expose the personal communication that lawyers have apparently been redacted from FOIPP government documents to hide their influence on government for years…
Will the decision to bring JR into the “Back Room” be the fatal play made by Premier King on egaming?
Time will tell.

NOT:  To keep the authorship of what is typed in what follows clear, I’ve put all of my commentary in a green coloured font. Everything else is from the Motion Record of the January filing in the lawsuit against King et. al., mostly from Paul Maines’ Affidavit.

I want to jump right into the timeline of communications, but want to point out that I have included a short “epilogue” at the end of this article that provides (1) a bit of background information on Jordan Brown; and (2) a note on the nature of the information in this series for those who might be interested.


In the Motion Record filed in the PEI Supreme Court in January, 2022, as the most recent action in the lawsuit  initiated against Dennis King et. al. by Paul Maines, Jordan Brown is first mentioned in paragraph 31 of the “Notice of Motion”. 
JR’s communications with Jordan Brown is mentioned at the very beginning of the lengthy Motion Record in the January, 2022 filing, and we read on page 5:

Former Liberal Minister Paula Biggar

The first mention of Jordan Brown’s involvement with Reynolds  in Maines’ Affidavit is found in paragraph 36, in the form of a general comment about how JR had told Maines about his communications related to his egaming lawsuit with Jordan BrownBrown was one of a number of former Liberal Cabinet Ministers apparently in communication with JR about egaming.
There are a couple of screen captures of messages between Paula Biggar and JR, for example, which I’ll make as a VERY SHORT episode soon, because what Biggar (allegedly) said to JR is interesting for sure!  
[A]  2020-21:  JR in communication with former Liberal Cabinet Ministers
The first screen capture of a FB Messenger conversation that JR shared with Maines in the Motion Record comes on October 16, 2020.
[B] OCTOBER 16, 2020:  “I know a bit about this [CMT egaming lawsuit] (probably            enough to be dangerous.” – Jordan Brown
NOTE:  Maines has reproduced the dialogues for the Exhibits he references in his Affidavit, which are exact translations of the actual screen captures mistakes and all. I’ve corrected those in my headings you’ll notice. 
I intended to put all of the actual coloured “Exhibits” into this article rather than Maines’ typed text, for the sheer visual effect alone; however, some of those dialogues contain several captures, and it was too complicated and too much work.  So, as you read the exchanges in type, picture it like what you see from Brown’s FB Messenger immediately above this paragraph.
[C] OCTOBER 16, 2020:   “I’m obsessed with this e-gaming…Heck I even had a former Attorney General Chime in lol.” – JR to Maines
[D] October 19, 2020: “People are living their ultimate punishment – public shame, law suits, etc.,…this has come back to haunt most involved – as it should have.” – Brown
[E] FEBRUARY 18, 2021:  “If I was Gov’t I would immediately rescind my appointment of their appointees to the ALC board….It stinks to high heaven…” – Brown
Here is the Chart I put together for a previous article containing the names of the current ALC Board members and connections to Dennis King, which seem to support the comments allegedly made by Jordan Brown: 

[F]  MARCH 5th & 10th, 2021: “He [Dennis King] lost. It was an idea that wasn’t going to work in the way he presented it…..move on” – Jordan Brown

The former Attorney General was very critical of Premier King’s egaming approach:

[G]  APRIL 21, 2021: “She [Minister Darlene Compton] don’t want to mess with big al!” – Jordan Brown

“Big al” is (presumably) a reference to Allan Scales, the retired father of Gary Scales [currently a lawyer with McInnis Cooper] who was one of the founders of what was once “Scales, Jenkins, & McQuaid,” and underwent various name changes morphing into what is now Stewart McKelvey law firm:      

[H]  MAY 10, 2021: “Heard an interesting scoop on the modern day e-gaming – Murray, Dolan and Scales have partnered up in a company that is going to act as an intermediary with ALC in the new gaming plan…egaming 2.0.” – Jordan Brown

[I]  MAY 16, 2021: “I had heard Danny McIsaac ….Yeah, Sounds a lot like the Dunderave Crew” – Jordan Brown


[J]  JUNE 21, 2021: “JUST GOT A CALL FROM DOWNTOWN [Jordan Brown] asking me to lunch lol. Said I can’t bud. Have to work big [egaming 2.0] launch.”  – Jeffrey  Reynolds

[K]  JULY 9, 2021: “Yeah – I like to give people the benefit of the doubt – but Darlen on front page of paper Tuesday – this is a Russ [Compton] problem” – Jordan Brown


[L]  JULY 12, 2021: “Dennis told me Laslop deals with LeClair,” JR to Brown; “Yeah, I think I had mentioned to you that was my recollection.” Brown to JR.


[M]  SEPTEMBER 17, 2021: “Jordan [Brown] phoned 2 times. Didn’t answer…lol. So it begins…” – JR to Paul  Maines

[N]  SEPTEMBER 17, 2021: “You see that Maines filed a claim with you on it there today” – Jordan Brown to JR; “I have a call with my attorney tomorrow about it.” – JR to Brown

[O]  SEPTEMBER 18, 2021: “He [JR’s personal lawyer, Mr. Gehl] said  former Attorney General and Officer of Law Jordan Brown on thin ice FYI” – JR to Paul Maines

In the days following the filing of the initial action about 7 months ago – naming JR on the suit, with the plan being to then have him removed and protected as a whistle-blower – JR was not only continuing to share his communications that he was  (allegedly) having with Jordan Brown on FB Messenger, he also shared his personal lawyer’s opinion of Brown’s involvement in the whole affair:

[P]  SEPTEMBER 19, 2021: “Be nice if Denny and them were to Defend you…they may let you out…but must have some sideways reason to have included a non Gov’t person.” – Jordan Brown to JR

This might have been some of the information that raised concern with JR’s initial lawyer, Mr. Gehl, about Jordan Brown…that “be nice if Denny and them…” comment alone raises so many questions! Who are the individual members of the “them” Brown refers to?  We know a few names from other screen captures in the Motion Record, but how does Brown have access to this information that was not only not public, but, according to JR’s communications to Maines, deliberately being kept secret and off-the-record? Was Jordan Brown part of this group? What’s also clear is how – at this stage, i.e. ,’post-court filing’, JR seems convinced Brown is working to help him – APPARENTLY BY SILENCING HIM AS A WHISTLE-BLOWER – but JR told Maines he never replied and wasn’t for sale:                      


Final thoughts? Don’t forget to close your mouth.  And share this article to let more people know about this investigative series. I’m putting the information filed in court out for public consumption, but that requires enough interest in helping with that to generate a network of sharing.  I am surprised at how many are becoming aware of this series and the court filing to be honest, since things have been so quiet; however, given the seriousness of the entire affair, more Islanders should be reading this material, and in time, I’m sure they will.  So please share. A day is coming soon when we’ll get some answers I believe…but that day is unfortunately not today, which has just produced a WHOLE lot more questions, two  key ones being:
  1. Was the former Liberal Attorney General and Justice Minister under Liberal Premier Wade MacLauchlan involved in the Gamesys Proposal?

  2. If not, how did he know so much about it, and where was he getting his information he was sharing with JR?

Hmmm.  I wonder.


1. A Bit of Contextual Background Information on Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island in the 2015 provincial election.
Jordan Brown became the big story on election night, defeating the LEADER of the PC Party at the time, Rob Lantz, by 22 votes, which ultimately led to Lantz’s resigning as the PC Party leader. On October 23, 2017, Jordan Brown was appointed to the Executive Council of Prince Edward Island as Minister of Education, Early Learning and Culture. On January 10, 2018, Brown was given additional roles in cabinet as Minister of Justice and Public Safety, and Attorney General for PEI.
 He represented the electoral district of Charlottetown-Brighton as a member of the Liberal Party, until his defeat to Green Party Ole Hammarlund in the 2019 Prince Edward Island general election not by the 22 Brown got to upset Lantz in 2015, but not many more (.4% of the total votes cast):


They say that screen captures don’t lie, but they don’t necessarily tell the whole story either. Given the current status of the legal action, the information has been presented as “claims” which the Defendants have pretty much categorically denied in their entirety.
The Defendant’s denial of the claims by the Plaintiff (Maines), along with the perplexing turn-about by the alleged  whistle-blower (JR) who is now saying that he never had a whistle to blow, it is necessary to keep the nature of the information as allegation and conjecture in mind – notwithstanding the convincing appearance of coloured screen captures of FB Messenger messages from Jordan Brown.
If the Defendants are telling the truth, the only other logical conclusion would be that JR committed fraud, which I don’t personally believe is true. There is other evidence that the screen captures he sent to Maines were authentic. For example, Maines discusses such an “identical correlation” with one such message between JR and Premier King I presented at the very outset of this article.
No, the real story is whatever explained the change by JR necessitated this complex, and I’m sure expensive, Motion for an Order to either enforce or set aside the Settlement Agreement JR had signed with Maines.
What’s the truth?  We’ll have to wait to make definitive statements, but I know where I’m putting my money (figure of speech, broke as an egg in a blender): they’re all authentic, and a lot of people have a lot of explaining to do!
JR claims throughout his communications with Maines that he wants to expose what is being covered up by Premier King and his government to ensure a healthy, accountable democracy in PEI.  He claimed that he was aiming to do that as a whistle-blower on egaming 2.0 – which he somehow managed to become a member of a select and secret group of people, albeit, for a short time.
The way he chose to do that was to help Maines’ already well-established and ongoing pursuit of justice within the PEI Supreme Court with his main lawsuit, litigation that is seeking $50 million for damages caused by the breach of a legally-binding provisions of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU), and other things.