You know I had a hard time coming up with the title for this little post. I started with: “There is no shame in asking for help in learning how to pray,” then toyed with a few other ideas before settling on what’s up there.
Unity with God feels like peace and joy, the absence of fear and anxiety, with our sense of self, or “self-awareness” being settled into a quiet stance of watchfulness with a continuous imminent expectation of wonder and hopeful expectation for what is to come, which will be good, because God loves us so much and wants to make us as happy as we want to make our children on Christmas morning, times 1 billion x 1 billion.
To be aware that all that ever has or will happen happens by the hand of our Almighty Father in heaven, for the good, and that Jesus our Lord has already defeated the evil one, Satan, who is just having his final hissy fit in the world to work the will of God in bringing about the great Harvest, leads to a deep trust in God.
Peace and joy comes from knowing that God will bring we repentant souls now striving to do his will on Earth as it is in heaven, into heaven, for the sake of the sorrowful passion and suffering of His only-beloved Son Jesus, who He allowed to die for love of us, to show us the way home.
To ponder all of that in the quiet of our interior life perpetually brings us into the spiritual realm and opens us to receiving the Holy Spirit.
Of course, after gazing at those truths pondering their significance, we need to then invite God into our heart. God will oblige.
It is a wash, rinse, repeat kind of thing then, kind of like a marriage I suppose, etc., you don’t just say “I love you” on the marriage day, but hopefully continuously throughout your life together with that person.
The problem is that most Christians do not pray enough, and are unaware of how demons are now influencing and directing so much that is happening in their lives and in the lives of those with whom they are involved.
Far too many Christians don’t even believe demons exist, so if you don’t believe in them, nor understand how they operate exactly, it’s a bit like running into the battlefield with no weapons or even means to identify the enemy!
I’m going to share a second post this morning with a link to a podcast that describes the reality of how demons are now operating openly in the world, which helps to explain what we are seeing in society, even here in PEI, with the radical and rapid demoralization of our entire culture.
That is happening by the hands of humans, yes, but with none of the tell-tale traditional human traits we used to take for granted and cherish, you know the ones, like common sense and reasoning.
Now our leaders are pushing the most insane things and offering no intelligent rationale, calling evil good and good evil (like Isaiah prophesied would happen in the end times) refusing to acknowledge or use those special human tools such as discursive reasoning, critical thinking (and what they would naturally lead to in a civil society) public discussions on important issues.
Now there is complete confusion, to the point where what is real itself is not being acknowledged as important, even to the point where one particular demon of old with a mandate to specifically transform women into men and emasculate and “demasculinize” men, is being allowed to do so through these irrational leaders.
Take the time to watch that podcast, even though it’s an hour long, because it discusses what is happening in a way that can hopefully wake up those who are devout followers of Jesus, but who are nonetheless caught up in the same delusion as those who are not devote followers of Jesus, all for failure to recognize the true spiritual nature of the warfare underway, so that the true enemies are not being properly identified and dealt with accordingly.
In many instances, people are blaming other people for things that are being caused by demons fulfilling their sick will to create division, destroy families, and break the bonds of unity, even among members of the Church, the children of God!
Unity with God for people who are not accustomed to praying is not an overnight thing. If you want to get a sense of how much union with God you are currently experiencing , listen to the attached to see how far you are from having control over your interior life and your attention.
It’s easier to stay focused listening to someone else than to do it yourself, but if you’re having trouble staying focused while listening to this, then you should keep listening to this until you don’t, as an aid in gaining greater self-awareness about all of that.
If you are not currently doing morning prayers a good way to start is to just follow along with someone else, hence the attached.
Have at it!
And have a great day!!