Anyone who gets excited about this guy becoming their King is seriously not well spiritually – they clearly don’t understand who he really is and what he represents. They have obviously bought into another global “entertainment” distraction that is all about style, pomp and ceremony: it has nothing to do with addressing the critically-serious and urgent issues of the day.
It obscures for us the kind of leadership the current Global challenges threatening freedom demand.
It attempts to reestablish and normalize a vision of a “stable empire” at a time when it is crumbling before our eyes!
It is gross offensive and expensive event meant to create the illusion of stable political infrastructure overseeing and protecting us as a member of the Commonwealth, safe under the protection of this guy at the top, the King of the castle!
The truth is that this “king” is actually a “kingpin” – one of the chief architects – in the imposition of tyranny we are experiencing throughout the world.
He has nothing in common with the common folk like you and I; in fact, I’m sure he would like to see (like his dad before him) a heck of a lot fewer of us living on Earth!
Royals, notwithstanding their lack of direct political power, are nonetheless expected to exemplify the highest ideals of moral citizenship; to offer a model of character for their citizens to emulate.
I’d suggest some time should be spent checking the historical record to see exactly what his “chosen destination” is before swearing allegiance to King Charles and trekking blindly behind him!
There is something of an obsession within the Royal Family to curb the world’s population, with Prince Charles’ dad (recently deceased) Prince Philip, once publishing the following comment that shocked the world:
“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”
Not to be outdone in the “bizarre” department, Prince Charles was recorded saying to his mistress at the time [Camilla] that he wanted to “be her tampon”! 🤢🤮
Princess Diana had one response about that, already having divorced the narcissistic silver-spoon-in-mouther:
“Even Diana, who had known of her ex-husband’s transgressions with Camilla since before her wedding was said to have been “genuinely shocked” – and said repeatedly about the tampon comment: ‘It’s just sick’.
The attempt is always to get us to focus on a person rather than what is happening to us. My disdain for this process and Prince Charles is not in him as a person, I sincerely have him on my prayer list, but on what he represents and how he is helping to effect part of the great deception in feigning being a good leader when he is a tyrant, without our best interest at heart.
That’s what I sincerely believe, and that’s why this second post about the upcoming coronation is being put out there, not as a bashing of a person who is a child of God, but as another wake-up call to stop getting wrapped up in their game which is keeping us on their bus!
“The Great Reset-A Blueprint For a Better World After Covid”