This is a long article, so if you’re interested in the subject matter, but leery of reading long articles, take heart! I’ve broken it up into “parts” so you can take a little break at the end of each section if you want, take some time to think a bit about what you’ve read, and perhaps ponder what might be coming next, all while you’re refreshing your coffee.
I was going to present this information in several posts, in a mini-series, but then decided to keep the information together in one article. As I mention at one point below, a proper treatment of all the different angles and aspects of this topic would require many more articles!
Nonetheless, I believe it’s important to share enough information to explain how some of the symbols and words present on the Baphomet image are to be understood within their proper historical context, given that it is this particular ‘devil-type’ image that seems to be the one being ‘glorified’ by pagans, Satanists, and all the Great Reset globalists trying to be the sole deciders of our future, as these divergent groups all pay tribute to evil in one grand chorus.
Most people assume that Baphomet is a demon, but that’s not the case. The image was created by a occultist (Catholic seminarian turned ‘magician’) less than 200 years ago, and was crafted for a very specific purpose: it’s origin is not only with the occult, but became the foundation of modern freemasonry as well.
The original image of Baphomet speaks to the Devil’s grand scheme to wreck us and the world, as I see it; a scheme supported and executed by powerful freemasons operating in secret societies during the past couple of centuries, with wealthy narcissists working to bring about a “long-game play,” culminating in global genocide, which will be caused primarily from multiple plagues inflicted on the world by these malicious people to achieve their evil eugenic goals.
When that prophesied time befalls the world, the People of God are to “Flee Babylon,” according in Revelation 18:4, for two reasons: (1) so as not to participate in the great sin of Babylon (apostasy against God); and, (2) so as not to suffer plagues that come as a result of that ‘participation’ in the sin of apostasy, [we ‘participate’ in plans and projects (i.e., “v campaigns”) not things occurring as a result of random natural occurrences]:
“And I heard another voice out of the heaven, saying, ‘Come forth out of her, My people, that ye may not partake with her sins, and that ye may not receive of her plagues,” [Revelation 18:4].
The relationship between: (1) the great end-time ‘sin of apostasy,’ as a result of (2) the grand deception, which compels such apostasy, resulting in compliance with the push to inject dangerous and toxic materials that are now long-since proven to be neither efficacious nor safe, which then (3) cause plagues [plural] are the unmistakable “signs of the times” evident in our present-day world!
Baphomet isn’t just a ‘devil’ image, or symbolic reference to evil, although it is both of those things; I believe it also serves as an esoteric “key” to interpret and understand core aspects of the devil’s end-time plans to destroy humanity, as those ideas are embedded in words and symbols which aptly describe what is currently happening in the world today, the two main elements of which are:
(1) The establishment of androgyny as a cultural and spiritual ‘ideal’, destabilizing families and society, preparing the way for a one-world government, and;
(2) A carefully-crafted plan to radically reduce the world’s population with an attack on humanity’s very life-blood – i.e., the demonic “bioweapon of choice” being needles, inserted into most of the world’s population and a frenzy campaign of deception and intense pressure, with those needles causing clotting!

The two images attached are different versions of the widely-known (but generally misunderstood) demonic-looking “creature” referred to as “Baphomet,” with these two versions of the images separated historically by about 170 years.
Although the word “Baphomet” does appear sporadically in writings on the Knight Templars, there is no evidence suggesting that those occurrences in writings from between around 1000 AD and the mid-1800s were anything more than the result of a mistaken interpretation of a Muslim word for Muhammed that was being used by the Muslims as a battle-cry:
(1) ON THE LEFT is the original image of Baphomet created by occultist and freemason, Eliphas Lévi, in the mid-1850s, which he published in his book, “Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic.”
Modern-day Freemasons try to distance themselves from Lévi and his occultist writings, however, the influence is substantial, as noted by several historians in the field:
“French philosopher René Guénon noticed that “a considerable part of … “Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry,” is clearly plagiarized from “Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie” by the French occultist Éliphas Lévi”. Craig Heimbichner and Adam Parfrey are two other writers who note that the author of the freemasonry ‘bible’ [“Morals and Dogma: of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,” by Albert Pike, 1871] took substantial material from the French occultist Eliphas Lévi.
The striking illustration created by Lévi inspired Baphomet’s current incarnation as a human-goat amalgamation, commonly referred to as the “Sabbatic Goat.” Levi’s image also influenced the creation of the Rider-Waite Tarot Card representing the Devil, and so entered into popular culture widely as a result.
(2) ON THE RIGHT is a modified image of Baphomet which has been popularized much more recently (since 2015). This is the version of the image which you are likely to see displayed in countless cultural celebrations, art displays, news stories, etc., throughout the world.
This modified image of the original was launched publicly as the official image/statue of the Satanic Temple in 2015, but had already been used and distributed widely in Hollywood films, video games, heavy metal rock music videos, etc., prior to the launch of the statue.
The image of Baphomet went “mainstream” in news stories in 2015 after the leader of the Satanic Temple offered to donate his newly-commissioned statue of Baphomet to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, suggesting that it be placed beside a monument honouring the Ten Commandments that was already there – an offer that went over Oklahoma like a lead balloon, as you can well imagine.
But that offer did get a lot of news coverage and generated a lot of interest around the world, not only interest in the statue of Baphomet, but also in the degree of ‘openness’ to Satanism that was clearly evident in the USA, with the US government even recognizing Satan worship as a legitimate “religion”.
Without any understanding of Baphomet’s true historical origins and significance, people instinctively sensed correctly that the image represents evil and the devil (the horns being a dead give-away, I suppose). It is nonetheless important to unpack the symbols associated with Baphomet so as to grasp the demonic origins and true meaning of the image and embedded symbols.
That same statue of Baphomet was shortly-thereafter once again in the news after the Oklahoma offer, when it was unveiled in front of Detroit’s Satanic Temple, an event which was also met with considerable public backlash and controversy. [See: “Goat-headed Satanic statue sparks protests in Detroit,” July 27, 2015 ].

Why are we seeing a proliferation of the image of Baphomet in our culture in recent years, with the installation of monuments honouring this goat-looking entity that are pretty-darn PERMANENT, i.e., STATUES, with the image of Baphomet even being associated with official, state-driven, and state-funded ceremonies and events? From whence did all this interest in Baphomet come?
The origin of the now well-known image of Baphomet [correction – a ‘watered-down’ modified version of the original image that obscures its true meaning] is the “occult,” which I suspect was demonically-inspired, the full symbolic meaning of which I also believe has never been interpreted properly, as a result of various factors, including the combined use of multiple symbols on the image, the bizarre ‘true’ meanings that would not have been considered previously, etc…each symbol requiring nonetheless some ‘speculative interpretation,’ which is all that now exists on the historical record.
Surprisingly, Baphomet is only referred to as a ‘demon,’ or an entity having magical powers, by those involved in the occult: there are no other historical (or biblical) mentions of Baphomet as a ‘demon’ that I can find.
Having said that, the particular magical ‘powers’ that are attributed to Baphomet by those occultists [however you want to interpret their beliefs] are of great interest, and considerable significance.
In particular, one such power that I’ll discuss within its proper context a bit later in this article is especially shocking, and insightful, for the simple reason that such a demonic ‘power’ is not one that a ‘sane’ person would ever consider as being necessary, even as a form of dark ‘magic’ when thinking of weapons and warfare, UNLESS that warfare was to be biological warfare, which is what is actually suggested by the words used by occultists to describe one particular category of magical powers attributed to Baphomet.
A truly-accurate interpretation of the meaning of Baphomet, and the words and symbols on that image, is one that will offer both ACCURACY in interpreting the words and symbols correctly, and UNDERSTANDING in explaining what that correct interpretation of the words and symbols represents within the proper context (i.e., a context which is the CULMINATION OF EVERYTHING DEMONIC in the world, as it pertains specifically to the final bio-attack on humanity planned by the devil, and now being executed in the world by evil people doing Satan’s bidding, wittingly or unwittingly).
What I believe to be essentially true about the image, laying the foundation for an accurate interpretation of each of the individual symbols on the image, is that the entire image is meant to be viewed as a ‘composite’ of all the qualities that embody an elevated, more ‘unified,’ transhuman state of “divine androgyny”. This view is, in fact, the consensus opinion shared by all the experts.
The image’s origins are not only found in magic and the occult, but also in freemasonry, and embody what the RC Church has condemned as the ‘heresy’ of modernity. That’s a lengthy article in itself, i.e., to expound on the many encyclical writings against freemasonry and modernism regarded as a philosophy and spirit aiming to undermine the traditional family, and eventually lead to communism and the conditions that would finally see the rise of the antichrist.
The nature of that end-time’s mass idolatry would incorporate a shared cultural ‘aspiration’ to achieve ‘Divine Androgyny,’ where the restrictive limits of natural law established by God and the elementary laws of physics are ignored and TRANSCENDED in a evolutionary ‘leap’ when humans become more than human, all of which is exemplified by the image of Baphomet.

The hermaphrodite nature and androgynous character of the image of Baphomet is key to understanding the demonic source for the current confusion over ‘sex’ and identity suddenly so prevalent in our modern world.
Androgyny, and modern-day ‘non-binary’ or ‘Queer’ thinking, constitute a core part of the Devil’s ‘end-game,’ and explains why the original image of Baphomet had female breasts, as even the Cambridge Dictionary correctly captures, at least in part:
“Due to its association with Satanism, Baphomet can be viewed as a demonic or subversive symbol, and thus stand in for something considered evil or deviant. It can also serve as an identifying marker for those aligned with the occult. However, many occultists view Baphomet not as demonic but as an idol or deity that harmonizes cosmic opposites, e.g., good and evil, man and woman.”
The core identity of Baphomet as Divine Androgyne is obscured in the more recent modified image, in that the FEMALE BREASTS were removed. When Lucien Greaves, spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, was asked why Levi’s Baphomet was altered, he responded:
“Levi’s Baphomet was a hermaphrodite, with breasts, “but we took the breasts off,” says Greaves. The Temple did not want to get embroiled in a debate about gender which might distract from what it believes are the more important messages of the Baphomet. Instead, he says, the boy and girl reflect that ‘male-female dualism’ seen in Levi’s Baphomet.” [See: ].
On Baphomet is another ancient Greek symbol called the caduceus – being two serpents entwined around a staff – the staff which was carried by the Greek god Hermes.
The caduceus symbolizes trade, negotiation and reciprocity and was co-opted into the Baphomet by Levi because it is the MAIN ANCIENT PAGAN symbol for androgyny.
When Levi did that, at exactly the same time, for reasons that remain unclear and quite frankly bizarre, that same image celebrating androgyny was adopted by the US army as its principle medical symbol!

According to Wikipedia:
“In the ancient and medieval worlds, androgyny and hermaphrodites [i.e., a person having both male and female characteristics] were REPRESENTED IN ART BY THE CADUCEUS” [i.e., two snakes entwined with each other around a branch], representing “a wand of transformative power in ancient Greco-Roman mythology.”
Wikipedia goes on to explain the origins of this androgynous symbol:
“The caduceus was created by Tiresias [the blind but clairvoyant prophet of the god Apollo] and represents his transformation into a woman by the god Juno in punishment for striking at mating snakes. The caduceus was later carried by Hermes/Mercury [one of the 12 Olympian gods, and so-called ‘guide to the underworld’] and was the basis for the astronomical symbol for the planet Mercury and the botanical sign for hermaphrodite. That sign is now sometimes used for transgender people.”
What we are now seeing in the world is a global rebirth of the ancient practice of the so-called Gnostic “mystery religions,” however, occultists are not being recognized as such because they now present themselves as culturally-respected, politically-supported agents of societal change and both personal and cultural transformation!
The ‘vision’ and belief-system underlying Baphomet and its creation by Levi is key to understanding the Devil’s end-game as it is now unfolding in our time: the stark parallels between the vision in the writings of Levi of nearly 200 years ago and what is happening in the world now can not be ignored.
Consider the following from an analysis of Levi’s occultic writing on his own Baphomet creation:
“Given the prominence of androgyny in this [Levi’s] vision, it is no surprise that the Baphomet, whom Lévi referred to as “the great androgyne,” represents a fusion of the sexes. It has to be seen as a symbol of the realization of the final universal synthesis, which had been Lévi’s ultimate goal since he began to publish his radical ideas as the notorious Abbé Constant….This is nowhere more obvious than in the last lines of the chapter “Le Baphomet” in the posthumous ‘Livre des splendeurs.’ In a dramatic conclusion, Lévi heralded the establishment of the FINAL UNIVERSAL RELIGION on Earth in an enthusiastic socialist tenor: “The association of all interests, / The federation of all people, / The alliance of all cults, / And universal solidarity.”
Levi envisaged a winged hermaphrodite with a torch between his horns and a pentagram on his forehead. Its arms bore the Latin words SOLVE (separate) and COAGULA (join together), signifying the powers of “binding and loosing” usurped from God by the devil, according to all the expert commentaries. Things cannot be rebuilt until they are torn apart, according to this fundamental principle of alchemy Incorporated into Baphomet.
But here’s the thing: when people get involved with the occult and receive images and messages from the ‘spiritual realm,’ they are often not themselves given clarity about what the TRUE meanings or ‘intentions’ of the images and words are, so they often assume and offer their own ‘interpretation’ thinking it correct, which Levi did when explaining the words on both the right and left arms of his image. Occultist can even be unaware of the demonic origin themselves, thinking their ideas and images are from their own mind and imagination when they are not.
The word on the right arm is interpreted as meaning ‘bringing together’ (as in ‘to bring everyone together into one great global community’). But that is most definitely not the kind of ‘bringing together’ signified by that particular Latin word. I’ll explain in a minute.
The word written on the left arm is not the Latin word ‘contollo’ (to bring people together); or ‘jungo’ (to join together as in marriage); or congrego (to assemble people together into a community); or any number of other Latin words that would denote the concept of “bringing together,’ as has been accepted by the experts as being the original intended meaning.

Pfizer filed patents for a V-needle for the Covid virus in 2017, despite it NOT THEN EXISTING in nature. The justification for that patent application was that the coronavirus was now capable of infecting humans BECAUSE it had just been bioengineered in a lab and was made to do so. Pfizer’s argument was simply that a V-needle was therefore necessary to contend with either an ‘accidental or deliberate’ release of the new and potentially very deadly virus.
The patent was granted.
As we learn more about the catastrophic negative consequences from those needles, and the many ways those jabs are sickening and killing people. knowing that this is all happening because people were deliberatively lied to about both the efficacy and safety of those injections, and with us also now knowing much more about HOW those jabs are affecting the blood by causing CLOTTING, which is in turn being linked to excess deaths as a result of the effects on the BLOOD and circulatory system…..all that COMPELS US TO GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL IMAGE OF BAPHOMET AND TALK ABOUT THE TRUE MEANING OF THE WORD ON BAPHOMET’S LEFT ARM!
We are dealing with a lab-engineered bioweapon that has been deliberately released on the entire world’s population, a virus used to justify injecting something that causes clotting, so much so that it has been universally dubbed “THE CLOT SHOT”!
Given this medical nightmare we are now living through, it is no longer necessary to ‘stretch’ the meaning of the Latin word on Baphomet’s left arm to fit preconceived interpretations of what the word on that original creation of Baphomet was thought to mean.
The only ‘dictionary’ meaning of the word – that obviously would make no sense to commentators previously – is now, sadly, the only meaning that makes sense of what is happening: that word being COAGULA, (as mentioned in the quotation above), but that type of ‘joining together’ is limited to ‘coagulation’ of blood’ – so the only English definition you’ll find for that Latin word is: CLOT.
Long before Coroners started trying to tell the world about bizarre never-seen-before types of long ‘tendril-like’ clots that were ‘stringy’ and fibrous, it was noted by occultists believing Baphomet to be an actual demon that one of his categories of powers is:
“…BLOOD MAGIC: it can create needles or tendrils from the inside of a man’s body and make him bleed or take it for rituals.” [See:… ].
In retrospect, one can now see how those trying to figure out the meaning of the various symbols on Baphomet would never see how a word for ‘clotting of blood’ could actually make any sense, so the essential idea in that word of ‘bringing together’ (i.e., ‘coagulating’) was obviously broadened and tied to the overall interpretation of the image as one intended to ‘bring together opposites,’ within a certain ancient tradition of magic and occultism.
Although that spiritualistic idealism is indeed present in the original image – the bringing together of opposites into a greater unified whole – it is present as an idolatrous aspiration to TRANSCEND the limits of physical existence, by denying the physical limitations of one or the other sex in pursuit of divine androgyny, but that idea is NOT the one signified by the word on Baphomet’s left arm, which I believe signify something else entirely – wide scale death! It is not insignificant that the arm with the ‘clot’ word is pointing down…to the dark moon.
The raised right-arm on Baphomet is far more significant than simply being a ‘sign’ pointing to the light-moon, as is claimed by experts, in contrast to the left arm pointing to the dark-moon. Explaining all of that is more than another article, but in essence, the right hand up is a defiant act of blasphemy against God [the ‘right hand’ of god, ‘right arm’ ‘right hand’ always refers to the Messiah in Scripture.
The image of Baphomet popularized by Levi in the mid 1850s coincided exactly with the adoption of the medical symbol of the Cadeaus BY THE US MILITARY, the other principal androgynous symbol with its origins in the occult.
That image has two snakes ‘wrapped’ around a staff about a dozen times, with their heads facing each other at the top of the staff:
“There are a few examples of the Caduceus being used in medical or medical-adjacent contexts in ancient times. Alchemists and oculists, for example, used the symbol occasionally. But its use was not widespread as a medical symbol UNTIL THE US MILITARY TOOK IT ON. The Caduceus has shown up on US military uniforms as far back as the 1850’s. It was formally adopted in 1871 by the Marine Hospital Service…..The Caduceus was subsequently adopted by the Army Medical Department and the Navy Hospital Corps, and for a while, the American Medical Association. Its use as a medical symbol is still controversial in some ways, due to the discomfort with its associations with commerce, thievery, and death.” [See: “Staves & Snakes | The Weird History of Medical Symbols,’
So another article would be one to explain why the symbol of the Caduceus positioned as a phallic symbol on Baphomet is “unraveled”!
Baphomet is not a demon in the Judeo-Christian or Muslim traditions, nor a ‘god’ in either Greek or Roman mythology; Baphomet is nonetheless – I believe – “everything demonic” as it pertains to Satan’s end-game-plan.
What Baphomet’s represents is the purest and most global form of apostasy expressed idolatrously, symbolically, as Satan and his minions (both demons and human followers of evil) does his level best to destroy all things good and Godly in these end-times!
The Devil’s arrogance has him ‘announce’ in advance (symbolically using esoteric knowledge, of course) his plan because he is so proud of conceiving it in his great malice, and that is what I believe the “Baphomet” image encapsulates and represents, i.e., a collection of those ideas and aims expressed symbolically.
These evil images are not to be feared, nor are they to be trivialized; they are to be understood properly (which is not the way they are being interpreted by many and perhaps most followers of Jesus and God). They are yet another key to seeing the evil intentions of the devil at play in the events unfolding in the world, with the devil’s grand attack on God’s creation and children in these end-times.
The goal is to better identify and resist the enemy in spiritual warfare. It is, for example, critical to understand the connections and historical underpinnings of the modern-day frenzy pushing anti-science and anti-logical views about gender fluidity, and the idolatrous occultic traditions seeking to establish androgency as a ‘cultural ideal’ and bring about a one-world and totalitarian system of governance.
This is not theory, it is not conjecture…it is the historical reality regarding both the emergence and ‘dovetailing’ of these seemingly distinct trends that we now see unfolding – “Solve” is the blasphemous word on Baphomet’s right arm (i.e., to create chaos by dividing), to then remake the world by destroying life (“Coagula).
What is unique about Baphomet and the magical approach of Levi is how the goal is no longer simply to gain power to control things, but to become more than human:
“Lévi changed the popular concept of magic. Whereas magic had until then been regarded by most people as a means of manipulating forces of nature, he presented it as a way of drawing the will through certain channels and turning the magician into a more fully realized human being.” [ ].