My upcoming website launch titled “Fleeing Babylon” is premised on some foundational ideas and principles, including that we are now facing the inability on a go-forward basis to “reform” our current systems of public governance, including our education system. In such a situation where the systems will continue to deteriorate and become increasingly corrupt, until they collapse entirely, the imperative is to ensure that corruption does not damage us, and those under our care.
That doesn’t mean that we no longer have a mission and duty to our fellow human beings, brothers and sisters in the human family, to testify to the truth!
This is the time that people need to hear the truth, so to be challenged and “called” to act morally and spiritually for the good, because that’s what we’re all about now: deciding whether you want to be wheat or chaff.
The last several articles I posted on Facebook on issues related to transgenderism provided detailed scientific and legal evidence that would normally, and formally, IMMEDIATELY call for a full discussion of the issues, especially medical and health-related issues involving puberty blockers and medical surgical procedures with transitioning.
The absolute fear against even considering these important issues (let alone discussing them) prompted a Herculean ideological propaganda campaign in an attempt to make it all disappear (by casting it all as hate hate hate), which is very unfortunate .
They even brought in an out-of-province keynote speaker, and a ton of effort on advertising was put into bringing perhaps a few hundred people together; but again, not to discuss any issues, but only to decry anyone who would raise a question that wouldn’t allow free rein to the trans movement and community, unquestioned.
That’s the net they cast, and they caught absolutely everyone in it, including our Premier.
The claim was even made by a trans leader in the article that there are no longer any opposition, because there weren’t any people there yelling at them. How naive!
The Guardian had several articles, and of course the CBC had their full-on support as well, and as I indicated in my articles previous to the event, the EXCLUSIVE FOCUS was on “giving support to trans people,” and decrying anyone raising questions as “haters”.
“Rights and the safety of the trans people,” but not safety related to anything truly relevant, like what they are undergoing with chemical and surgical transitioning to support a delusion with no support in logic or science, only feelings and imagination.
What a cowardly way to avoid dealing with important issues affecting our children, and yet that’s the very word the premier used in his hypocritical comment regarding the questioning that is going on, making an explicit public commitment to side with a “young child” (against their parents) in support of a decision that child might make to try to accomplish the impossible: transition to a gender other than his or her actual biological sex!
What a situation we’re facing folks.
I’m going to continue to post short two-or-three paragraph articles with a link to a source, and a focus on one key fact regarding the dangers that need to be taken into consideration in a proper risk-benefit analysis, on a go forward basis, with a source that can’t be contradicted or countered.
I’m doing this to show Islanders and our MLAs and Premier what being a coward really looks like: i. e., refusing to recognize and respond in a responsible way to evidence regarding policies that encourage the deliberate damaging of our youth. Not cool, and definitely not the way to govern.