An image of a Ukrainian soldier wearing a patch containing the Totenkopf symbol, an example of Nazi iconography, that was posted on the Twitter account of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, then deleted.
The way our media and politicians have fostered an uncritical acceptance of their support for Ukraine in the current conflict that looks more like a war against Russia by the West that has yet to be officially declared, is indicative of the blindness among the general population to the truth of what is happening in the world
How many billions has Canada given to Ukraine soldiers proudly bearing Nazi emblems and symbols? Seriously! No one on PEI cares about this, and just think, “… put some more money in the bucket for Ukraine?”
Anyone who understands anything at all about the true history of Western interference in Ukraine over the last century, to the point of excusing and putting Nazis and their families in power from the actual Second World War wouldn’t be surprised with this confirmation by the “Legacy Media” that there is a dark spirit behind what’s happening in Ukraine we’re not seeing much of in the Western media!