Talk about your ‘run-away blame train’ eh? CLIMATE CHANGE – the contemporary god of the God-less, the alpha and omega, the source of understanding the cause of all the circumstances and changes affecting us and the world in which we live.
Got a situation that might be caused by things you absolutely refuse to investigate, situations such as those involving people collapsing in public like the poor chap in the photo (poke poke, wink wink, say no more, say no more), and you’re never challenged to investigate because long before that idea might come into the mind of someone the CLIMATE CHANGE god is invoked as the source of all things meteorological, both good and bad.
When it’s hot, hot, hot, it’s CLIMATE CHANGE.
When it’s cold, cold, cold, it’s still CLIMATE CHANGE.
Wildfires? Yep. Climate change…..EVERYTHING, so no need for more questions about tornados, floods, grasshopper plagues….people keeling over in the middle of the day for no apparent reason, like I said, EVERYTHING.
Like all mantras of the un-thInking radical left (aka ‘wokers’) these ‘feeling-based’ conforming, cult followers question nothing, yet usually can’t even say what they believe climate change is!
The climate is changing, always has, always will. Otherwise, we’d be frozen-in-time, in a lifeless void with no dynamic activity or movement, including that of weather, i.e., wind, rain, etc.
If the theory intended by the phrase is the one that claims that the global average temperature is rapidly rising because of carbon being produced by human beings, than you should know that there is NO CREDIBLE science supporting those claims which have been, in fact, completely debunked as deceptive by credible scientific research.
It’s all more radical left lies to make you do what they want you to do without questioning the people giving orders; people who suspect that you are too lazy too actually think through what you are being told you must give support to at the level of policies, laws, prohibitions and penalty.
They also suspect that for those that might give some thought to what they are supporting, but will not actually investigate to determine whether what is being claimed is true and in so doing realize that credible research exists that has evaluated those claims and has debunked them as groundless and, in some instances, deliberately deceptive.
But perhaps I’m wrong – after all, the meteorological report for the day this last guard collapsed registered a whopping 25 DEGREES CELIUS!