? Lawyer ? Original Intermediary (from 2007)

? Chartered Accountant ? New Intermediary (from 2018)

Company Name

Shareholders/Key Personnel

Short Bio on Shareholders/Key Personnel

Confederation Capital PEI Ltd.

Blake Doyle

Stephen Lockyer

Blake Doyle is a former and was the Campaign Manager for Allen Doyle in last year’s PC Party Leadership race.

Stephen Lockyer is chartered Accountant. His bio states that he and confederation Capital PEI Ltd. Engage “… more than 1,400 partners from over 40 countries.”

Bether Capital PEI Inc.

Glen Kennedy

Stan MacPherson

Hal Roche

Andy Smith

Wonjoon Kang

Glen Kennedy is the Chief Financial Officer with Bether Capital PEI Inc., and a senior Partner with MRSB

Stan MacPherson is a senior Partner with MRSB accounting firm

Hal Roche is a retired Partner of Grant Thorton

Andy Smith retired Partner with MRSB accounting firm

Wonjoon Kang is the manager of the Vietnamese office of Bether Capital, which also has offices in China, Korea, the U.S. And Canada.

Can-nection Immigrant Business Investment Inc.

Ken Clark

Ken Clark: Lawyer with Key/Murray law firm (Derek Key in Summerside; Lynn Murray in Charlottetown).
Sunrise Immigration and Investment

Gary Scales

Sherry Huang

Gary Scales is a lawyer with McInnes Cooper, and a named defendant in the e-gming lawsuit.

Sherry Huang is the wife of Frank Zhou, and a former business partner with Wade MacLaughlan

New Island Opportunities Ltd.

Chris Somers

Robert Dexter

Glen Dexter

Norman Cleary

Chris Somers, Executive V.P. Immigration of Canadian International Capital Inc., is responsible for matters relating to the immigration operations of the company. He is a former associate of the law firm of Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales. Prior to joining Canadian, Chris was the Atlantic Regional Manager for Montreal Trust Company of Canada specializing in corporate trust services. Chris has an extensive background in trust services and has overseen the trusteeship of a number of Immigrant Investor programs.

Robert Dexter Robert Dexter, Q.C., is the Chairman of Canadian International Capital Inc.  Rob is also the Chairman and CEO of Maritime Travel (Group) Limited (www.maritimetravel.ca) operating under trade name “Maritime Travel” and “LeGrow’s Travel” which has 110 travel shops and sales in excess of $300 million.  As well, he serves as a director on Bell Canada Enterprises Inc., High Liner Foods Inc., and Wajax Income Fund. His past business related activities are as follows: Chairman of Empire Company Limited and Sobeys Inc.; Partner at law firm Stewart McKelvey

Glen Dexter, BSC (Physics), MA (Mathematics) & LLB, is President and CEO of Canadian International Capital Inc. with overall responsibility for its business. Glen, along with two other partners, founded what is now the largest sail manufacturing firm in Nova Scotia. Glen practiced corporate law for 15 years with the law firm, Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales. He is Chairman and CEO of Medusa Medical Technologies, Inc., a healthcare related software company.

Norman Cleary worked on Dennis King’s leadership and election campaigns pretty much on a full-time basis. Cleary is married to The Honourable Michele M. Murphy, Justice of the Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal.

KC Immigration Services Inc.

Kerri Carpenter

Kerri Carpenter was a member of the PC Party executive and sat on the PC Party committee, until she resigned after Shawn Driscoll made public that she was renting her building to Dennis King.
Western Immigration Opportunities Inc.

Carrie Ricker

Troy Bradley

Neil Handrahan

Carrie Ricker is a sole practitioner lawyer based in Halifax. She is the President of the NS Law Society until 2020.

Troy Bradley is a partner in the Accounting firm Bradley & Handrahan Professional Chartered Accountants in Charlottetown.

Neil Handrahan is a Partner in the Accounting firm Bradley & Handrahan Professional Chartered Accountants in Charlottetown. He was treasurer of the Liberal Party of PEI.

Launching Point Immigration Services Inc.

Monika Wang

Everett Roche

Lloyd Compton

Monika Wang is an Investment Planner with RBC

Everett Roche is a Managing Partner of MRSB accounting firm

Lloyd Compton, Partner with MRSB Accounting firm

Cox & Palmer

Global Bridge Immigration

Directors of GBI:

Shuk Min

Sosana Chan

Benjamin Howard

Jeff Leard

Sosan Chan is the Executive Director of Global Bridge Immigration

Ben Howard assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer for Cox & Palmer’s offices in Prince Edward Island.  In addition to his legal practice, Ben oversees all aspects of the firm’s operations in each of its four PEI offices.

Jeff Leard is a Partner in the Cox & Palmer Summerside/Alberton office.

Mazu Consortium Ltd.

Erica Stanley

Gerard Watts

Lori Pendleton

Erica Stanley has worked with immigrants for at least 20 years in PEI, at both the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada and with International Students at UPEI.

Gerard Watts: was referred to in the legislature by PC MLA Brad Trivers as Liberal Premier Wade MacLauchlan’s “neighbour and dog walker.” MacLauchlan and Watts previously served on North Shore Community Council together.

Lori Pendleton is director of Mazu Consortium Ltd.

Abegweit Immigration

Robert McGregor

Brian Fogarty

Sheena McCarthy

Patrick Davis

Robert McGregor is the superintendent at Green Gables Golf Course

Brian Fogarty President and Owner at Brian Fogarty Chartered Accountant

Sheena McCarthy is a lawyer in Campbell Lea law firm.

Patrick Davis is a Financial Services Manager with PEI government.

Aim 4 Inc.

Stephen McKnight

Wayne Carew

Larry McQuaid

Doug Coles

Stephen McKnight: Summerside Lawyer with Key/Murphy Law firm.

Wayne Carew was a former Leader of the Liberal Party of PEI and is the Vice-president of Aim 4 Inc and shareholder.

Larry McQuaid is a long-time Liberal Party of PEI supporter and can be found regularly on the annual donation list.

Doug Coles: Douglas is Vice President and Director of Engineering Services for Coles Associates.