Just wondering how the truly indoctrinated are going to be able to have a life of their own this October without offending somebody on “team woke”?
I wonder what they are doing to prepare for International Pronouns Day on October 19 for example…. there’s just so much else to celebrate in the modern creative world of human sexuality expression…. so much and so little time for those riding the public perversity wave!
October 8th is “International Lesbian Day,” then in another 3 days its “National Coming Out Day” on October 11th!
What must be really stressful for these people is that this year, “National Coming Out day” on October 11 clashes with “Spirit day in Support of lgbtq+ youth”!
Yikes! Who are you going to piss off? Who would you rather offend? Young lgbtq people or queer people with a story to tell about the day they decided to make their personal sexuality an issue of constant mental preoccupation and a matter of public interest (or disinterest), but public anyhow, all because of participating in the “coming out” sacrament glorifying oneself to the detriment of the welfare of others and the benefits of living while contributing to and benefitting from “community”.
It seems this Godless-woke & queer culture agenda must take precedence over all else for those truly dedicated to the cause of corrupting children and destroying families, with nearly the full-on calendar dedicated to celebrating such perversion and inappropriate normalization of sex in children and in the general culture throughout the entire year.
They – children – are our future after all, aren’t they? So, depending on what kind of future you want….hmmm, ok, ok, I get it…. I totally get it.
But they should not be allowed to steal our children with smiles, glitter and story books!
Most parents are sadly not awake. They are letting this happen, as they send their children out on their own into a public school system which now forbids worship to the true God and promotes the doctrines of the devil.
Nothing they learn will make them love other people more, tolerate them more, or live in peace with them. They will become increasingly suspicious, fearful and anxious, and when the time is right, they will quickly comply with those indoctrinating them to go to war with their fellow human citizens, perhaps the brothers and sisters they sat beside in school.
They told us they were coming for our children, and they are…they are coming for our children.
It is sad that so many parents are handing them over thinking they – the parents – are finally going to get a break to catch up on soap operas, or thrift store shopping, or whatever the hell else makes them think such is the meaning of life. Then there’s the entire week of October 17-25th to get ready to celebrate “Genderfluid Visibility”.
Two sexes – male & female – is so much simpler on the head…. and the calendar! Check this out:
I’m thinking I may just have to move to Serbia to simplify my life. Notice how peaceful. Notice how no one needs to yell at anyone.