The legal cases winding their way through the courts in countries throughout the world – Canada and the US included – are making key documents public for the first time revealing the sheer horror of the evil of our leaders who KNEW exactly what they were doing when they pushed and coerced people to take an experimental substance to enrich global corporations and advance a depopulation agenda….WHICH THEY ARE STILL DOING!

Dr Morrison is still able to do it with a smile on her face somehow, although I know she knows very well she’s peddling poison. She’s not stupid, she’s had to have read at least one of the dozens of studies proving that, that have come out recently.

A few days ago, a document was made public for the first time [See attached image] with shocking data totally covered up by Health officials and politicians.

It is also now known that the companies making the mRNA injections never claimed that they could either prevent catching, dying from, or spreading the virus.

Yet, with no evidence, we were nonetheless coerced with promises that we are still hearing from the likes of our own Chief Public Health Officer THAT THEY WORK and we should get them.

This is truly criminal. If we had a moral politician elected they would be speaking out to stop this madness!

How can they possibly keep telling us we need these injections! Someone needs to stop these criminals from continuing their lies, deceiving people into harm.

Where are responsible journalists on Prince Edward Island?

Have journalists like Paul McNeil, Kerry Campbell, Theresa Wright, Louise Martin, etc. all gone stupid and can no longer read peer-reviewed studies anymore?

Why are opposition MLAs saying nothing.. not even asking questions?

Where are our priests called to speak the truth against the world belonging to Satan? Why are they not pointing to these people to expose their immoral and criminal behavior in support of an evil global agenda?

Paralyzed by cowardice it seems, the whole lot of them.

God have mercy on us all and please do something to wake up these people before they allow any more harm to happen to innocent, trusting, duped people.