Decoding Guardian Propaganda on Needles
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If you’re not wearing your decoder ring while reading the guardian you’re most certainly being deceived with headlines. I’ve attached the key snippets from the article to make the decoding easier for you.

Yesterday’s c-19 propaganda piece was Dr Morrison smiling saying “get a booster!”

This 2-punch followup article today has a headline designed to make you think “oh my God, what great news! I think I’ll get a booster”!

1st problem: They’re not saying it works. Read the very first sentence: “….clinical trials” say they “…LIKELY work.” [Decoded: likely=don’t].

2nd problem: they are making you think this shot is available in the headline. It is not available, so if you go out and get a booster it won’t be what they’re talking about, but what is proven to NOT work!

3rd problem: If you go out and get a booster, what you will be getting has actually been found to make it far more likely to get covid, to be hospitalized, and to die.

What’s the skinny here?

If you’re trusting anything Moderna, Pfizer or the Guardian have to say on needles…..well…. you’re lost brother!