It was a day like any other back in early November, 2021, when Ron James – in town for a show -decided to go prowling the streets of Charlottetown hunting for “good baby-eating recipes”.
I’m joking right?  Nope. 
Click the link at the bottom to see for yourself if you haven’t seen the clip before. It will take you to a FB post of mine sharing a video clip of Ron James doing what I just described taken by Evan Clow, the person James approached, solicited information on baby recipes, assaulted him verbally, then assaulted him physically, presumably because Evan either: [1] called him a washed-up comedian, or [2] refused to provide James with the “good baby-eating” recipes he was seeking.
I wrote the following words to go with the video I shared:
“Yesterday, Evan Clow was just minding his own business on the corner of Grafton and Great George Street, taking a video of the freedom fighters across the street, when none other than Ron James (aka “Canada’s favorite washed-up comedian”) went freako-berserko on Evan, a total stranger to him. Wow, and again I say WOW! Not funny little Ronnie Roughshod….not funny AT ALL!”
I then did some research to see if I could find out what might have possibly triggered James to do what he did.
My investigation revealed a disturbing incident in Ron’s childhood that may explain his bizarre and aggressive outburst on a total stranger in a City he was only visiting.
But definitely start with the video with the evidence of a very unfunny comedic crime.
There’s no question Ron’s a funny guy. The philosophical question with a semantic “hook” is whether we should regard him as “funny funny” or “funny strange”?
I’ve made my choice, but will keep it to myself so as not to influence yours.
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