When politicians loyal to Trudeau get in trouble, expect announcements of their appointment to the Senate: the safe haven bestowing on the entire Canadian population expectations of rendering “respect” for the position, a demand that automatically removes any cloud of suspicion that might have been hangin over them, replacing what might have quickly become public shame for the person and entire government into an occasion demanding all respect the judicial-looking garments and person wearing them – no matter the previous perversions or perfidiousness.

The Workers Compensation Board is something of a provincial equivalent for bureaucrats caught up in scandals. In the case of the last two appointments, they were both HEAVILY embroiled in the egaming scandal. I have already researched, written and shared their core involvement, so won’t duplicate that here but only provide links to relevant articles.

2019 appointment of Cheryl Paynter

Cheryl Paynter is the person who SIGNED the Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with Capital Markets Technology (CMT) at the heart of the 50 million lawsuit still before the PEI Supreme Court, although you’d likely not be aware of that with the amount of local coverage of this story about provincial government corruption – none! 

Paynter was shuffled off to the WCB in after articles I published revealed that providing evidence of her involvement in the entire scandal and cover-up can be found in the following article. It contains lots of goodies, like how as CEO of Innovation PEI in 2012, Paynter  Cheryl Paynter, as CEO of Innovation PEI  processed a grant application that was, in fact, another “e-gaming” grant for $100,000, to acquire the final portion of the outstanding $360,000 e-gaming bill owed to McInnis Cooper law firm even though the government had officially ended it’s egaming project! 

The decision was written by P.E.I. Chief Justice David Jenkins. (Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal)

“”In my assessment there is a genuine issue requiring a trial,” Chief Justice David Jenkins wrote in the Court of Appeal ruling.”

The Appeals Court confirmed that Cheryl Paynter did breach the provisions of the MOU, or at least the evidence was deemed sufficient to justify a trial!

Thanks Cheryl…now it’s off to the WCB you go.

2023 Appointment of Dan Campbell

Dan Campbell is the person who misled me and the public about deleted Brad Mix email records. He fist straight-up lied and said a complete sear5ch was done for me in a Freedom request, but when I discovered missing records, he argued that they were just ‘gaps’ or periods of email ‘inactivity’: not actual, missing records. That too was a lie now proven to be so with incontrovertible, circumstantial, documentary evidence, and the “documentary evidence” comes from government files!

Dan Campbell knew that 2 years of records with many materially-relevant egaming documents were missing from Brad Mix. He covered this up at every turn, over years, lying with words appropriate for the particular situation or context.

I’m convinced he was placed in Deputy Minister positions by Liberal Premiers Robert Ghiz and Wade McLaughlan for very strategic purposes: the highest-paid, and most powerful bureaucratic position in government holding the responsibility for all the decisions to either release or NOT to release government records to members of the public like me.

Back a few years, when the Department of Economic Growth and Tourism (EGTC), now called, “Economic Development, Innovation and Trade”, was the place to get important egaming documents, Dan Campbell was the Deputy Minister keeping them from me! 

A few years later, when I had dug deeper into the file and got insights and evidence leading to the “motherload (in theory)” that would prove the corruption behind the egaming issue and I filed FOIP requests to get them where I figured they’d be, ie., the Department of Finance guess who the guy was reading my request and responding with professional wording that essentially always read to me as “Nothing to see here”

Yep! Dan Campbell.

Mr. Campbell finally slipped up big-time in his cover-up strategy with me! You can read about it in an article that I SINCERELY BELIEVE proves Dan Campbell is a criminal, and deliberately, consistently and for a very long time worked to remove transparency from our democratic government with deceit and frustrated justice for the main victim of that deceit and his family, Paul Maines. Organized cover-up and lying for years to avoid the consequences of the truth, with apparently no thought to the unbelievable harm that has not only caused individual Islanders, but our entire Island.

My final exposure of his cover-up and lying was well-documented in an article I’ve put a link to below that justifies the very strong wording in the previous paragraph. Sadly, however, because we are now living in a largely-lawless social situation where bringing crooks to justice is hardly on the radar, nothing has been done to hold Mr. Campbell to account for his actions notwithstanding the evidence of his wrong-doing and lies. Rather than removing him expeditiously from government and dealing with his corrupt behaviour responsibly under the law, undoing his secrecy, and correcting his lies and government cover-up work…….Mr. Campbell  was rewarded by Premier King with an appointment to the WCB!

From Clerk of Executive Council to the WCB….wow, that’s some promotion!

But is this a promotion?  In a word: “no”!

It was shuffle-off to the WCB time for Dan, just like Ms. Paynter, and for largely the same reasons.   When the heat starts rising in the kitchen, and you can’t take it, you leave right? Isn’t that the way that saying goes? Well you can find the details in the article linked below regarding why the heat started rising in Premier King’s kitchen, but suffice it to say that  Dan couldn’t take the heat and started (metaphorically, he didn’t actually do this) showing up to work with his “HI, I’M DAN AND I’M SUDDENTLY A HUGE LIABILITY TO GOVERNMENT” tee shirt.  

Ask yourself why a person would give up one of the most powerful positions in the province with one of the highest salaries and perks packages –  Clerk of Executive Council – to go to the WCB. One can only imagine the fun awaiting someone in charge and ready to fight to give injured people as little as they can possibly give out, file after file after file, defending being miserly, fighting with injured unhappy people with complaint after complaint after complaint? Everyone’s dream job eh? Quite a fall from grace in my estimation, and the answer to the question “huh, WCB….Dan Campbell…..Why??) can be found in the article below.

That’s three times I’ve plugged it, which is a tad much I suppose, but if you haven’t read it, you’ll understand much more about egaming and where things are at in the long journey out of cover-up and darkness into the light of truth and hopefully some justice for Maines and his family, and the public of PEI who are daily treated like fools by every single corrupt and lying member of the ruling insider club that runs this province with the advice and recommendations of lawyers from Stewart McKelvey law firm.

“Before assuming the position of clerk of executive council with the PEI provincial government, [Dan] Campbell held various key roles, including Deputy Minister of Finance (2019-2021), Secretary to Treasury Board (2014-2019).”




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