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When the mask policy was first implemented in PEI I did extensive research and found a “meta-analysis” of over 150 studies related to mask wearing. Those mask studies were with viruses of the very same dimensions as C-19, but were obviously not OF c-19, it being new and all.

The scientists with brains said the important thing was the dimensions of the holes in the masks and the dimensions of the virus, not the name of the virus. Beyond simply being ineffective and unnecessary, many studies showed that wearing masks also had a myriad of negative social, psychological and health impacts, and that all those conclusions, from all those studies were entirely and materially-relevant to c-19.

The propagandists working for the globalists disagreed. They said the studies didn’t equate with a new virus, and declared that new studies with masks and c-19 were needed.

Guess who won that non-debate?

I was really shocked at the disjoint between our provincial CPHO’s imposition of this mask policy with the first g0-around in 2020 after researching and learning about how there was such an overwhelming consensus within the scientific community (reflected in those studies) regarding:

[1] how masks were shown not only to be ineffective, but also,

[2] how wearing masks had many negative consequences on those wearing them, especially very young children who rely heavily on facial cues for their entire connection to both people and reality!

The damage that was done to children during the last crazy-go-round with masks is still being documented, as more and more of the tragic results are published in medical Journals.

Over the past year or more numerous mask studies and their impacts and ineffectiveness as a healthcare policy in lessening virus spread [ie. January review from the Cochrane] have been published.: especially the negative impacts on early childhood development.

What really baffles me now – and many other Islanders I’m sure – is why our local leaders and those working in government, or in government organizations, or in hospitals, clinics, or pharmacies. are GOING ALONG WITH ALL OF THIS CRAZINESS are supporting what science DOES NOT SUPPORT when that evidence is available, especially when there are now so many documented adverse effects on human health?

Many of these people in these key decision-making roles and positions are fully aware of how this mask policy is NOT based on sound science, yet….

Why is it that our Opposition Parties are not at least willing, on our behalf, with such a serious issue creating so much contention and division, DEMAND that the government simply table the science and source material they claim they have and are relying on to justify this offensive policy?

Why is our self-proclaimed “transparent” government unwilling to present evidence proving the effectiveness of masks, and their necessity in responding to C-19 to protect public health?

I’m not going to stop putting out research showing the truth, especially sharing studies regarding the negative impacts on health and society.

It’s a very dire situation when the truth no longer matters to the people deciding what we either “must” or “can’t” do when those decisions harm us and others; but whether we know that or not, for reasons that I suppose are very complex, we say and do nothing to hold them accountable, but wave with a smile, or even sit and dine with them as if we lived in a fairytale….perhaps those willing to live with such hypocrisy (or be such a hypocrite) do indeed live in such an imaginary world!

I’m going to tell the truth and show why it’s true, regardless of how many people in government continue to ignore it. I hope you don’t stop doing the same, and if you don’t have your own information, share what I and other people are putting out, at least the attachments and Journal research, condemning this tyranny against us.

Premier King claims he’s “all about the science” when it comes to C-19, but he has – to date – been playing only a very minor role as a mostly off-stage puppet in an evil mask franchise with the latest release being: “Return of the Healthcare Worker Mask,” a health-scare subgenre of “horror” starring our very own Dr. Heather.