Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

We know that even the best surgical masks available are ineffective against virus spread, and we know that from a recent [January, 2023] review of the available scientific studies by the Cochrane, a non-profit and highly respected Institute reviewing Public Health policy initiatives.

We also know that we need all the doctors and nurses and healthcare professionals we have in PEI now, and more, since hospital emergency services routinely close for want of a doctor.

Now, an unscientific policy from Dr. Morrison will frustrate Healthcare workers to no end, and I suspect some, perhaps many, will refuse to comply and just quit and move on to greener pastures.

Healthcare workers have likely had time to take a look at this issue and now also realize that the science is clear about the damage that these things do to our health on every level, not least of which is the health of our community which should be “united,” but becomes increasingly “divided” as a result of mask mandates. Is that the plan?

Irrational and unjustified mandates and other types of force policies that make no sense have been used to create chaos in the preparations for “great resets,” that end up being tyrannies, throughout history.

That’s why it’s being done, in my opinion, and it should be resisted by our Healthcare workers.

So don’t comply, but don’t quit either! Organize, and fight back against this tyranny.

Here’s the link to the full Cochrane report: