In my original Monkileaks series, I presented over 300 pages of documented evidence about Bliss and Wisdom corporation, and how it was both connected to the PNP program and CCP, as a huge international business entity disguising as a myriad of religious organizations each claiming independence.

I, and other Islanders, shared this information with key members of our government who – each in their own right – made statements and promises assuring me, and others, that action would be taken to deal with what was clearly fraudulent activity in breach of the law.

None of that has come to pass, and there are several key ‘stories’ to tell about the betrayals behind the scenes allowing this criminality and corruption to continue in PEI.

My first episode will focus on the great ‘land question’ on PEI and how for 45 years I have watched trends worsen as corruption in government concerning protection of the land worsens as well..the time to reclaim control of our land and restore the health of our soil is truly now running out!

Then there will be a 2-parter on the “alleged” investigation of the Buddhists by IRAC that commenced in 2015 – that will be an EYE OPENER for a lot of Islanders!

Then I’m putting out a whole episode on our youngest MLA I’m calling, “Cory’s Betrayal”.

There will be similar articles on Bloyce Thompson and Darlene Compton, each of whom went to British Columbia where Bliss and Wisdom first registered in Canada, but then left for greener pastures in PEI, to find out what happened there….but then said nothing when returning…..all to show how these people we elect are allowing and supporting criminality, to the detriment of our land and our future.

There’s going to be lots more, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on an episode, and please consider making a donation to support my work, which is voluntary, and full-time.

Thanks, and stay tuned!