This past week Arkansas put into effect a law that it promised it would pass back in January, and did, ordering a Chinese-owned company to divest it’s total land Holdings.

Other States are aiming to do the same, with legislation in the works in Kansas, Missouri, Texas….basically any State that has farmland, from what I can figure.

Mainstream Chinese media is understandably quite upset about this of course, arguing it violates International trade rules, which I am sure it does, but taking over another country’s essential assets required for livelihood and security has to violate something as well eh?

Meanwhile, in Prince Edward Island, a global corporation with ties to the CCP is allowed to buy thousands of acres of land with no clear rationale or purpose even, leaving houses vacant and farmland fallow.

Are these Buddhist monks waving goodbye to the traditional rural and agricultural culture and lifestyle of Islanders, as they purchase farms like these in Eastern PEI, but do not farm?

 Posing as only non-profit, independent religious organizations, yet subsidiaries of one corporation, all the details of which are known by IRAC, and many of our elected government members as well, but has not resulted in any action at all from any of them, not even any public comment.

Government-elected members of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Land were told they had no right to any information whatsoever concerning the land issue IRAC called an investigation over relating to the Buddhists in 2015 which has served as a cover-up cloak completely for 8 years!

The spokesperson for the nuns [when speaking before the Standing Committee] stated unequivocally that if the nuns had exceeded the legal limit in land holdings they would gladly divest themselves of those acres of land. Hmmm.

There is now no question that is exactly what they did, and with intent and foreknowledge and planning and all that stuff that makes it fraud, because GEBIS is controlled by Bliss and Wisdom, which they denied vehemently.

Yet, no one at IRAC or within government has ever called upon GEBIS to do what they voluntarily offered to do, ie., divest themselves of the land. How freaking corrupt is that! Gaining some perspective on immigration and land corruption in PEI yet?

How sadly ironic that as States across the United States scurry to put legislation into effect that can deal with this imminent crisis from foreign land grabbers, we here in Prince Edward Island [who constantly brag about our unique status in being the only province with a “Lands Protection Act”] might as well be using it for toilet paper.

The exposure of this embedded immigration and land corruption in PEI is about to be revealed in significant detail in my new Monkileaks “the sequel” series.

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I’m researching and writing, but I am also praying that some of these people “in the know” in our government (or community) have a “get away from GEBIS” and a “come to Jesus” moment soon, and after coming into the light, join a movement toward true justice for the Island by starting to courageously tell the truth…. preferably yourself publicly, but if you’re not ready for that, perhaps consider contacting me.