Fleeing Babylon

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An image of a Ukrainian soldier wearing a patch containing the Totenkopf symbol, an example of Nazi iconography, that was posted on the Twitter account of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, then [...]
As I suggested in my article posted last night about today’s Peers Alliance demonstration at the legislative assembly at noon today, the Guardian article on the front page categorizes the [...]
BOYCOTT THESE EVIL CORPORATIONS TRYING TO NORMALIZE QUEER SOCIETY AND THE LIE OF GENDER FLUIDITY. Show them this kind of sick Ideological Business Strategy will result in the end of business.  We [...]
Anyone who gets excited about this guy becoming their King is seriously not well spiritually – they clearly don’t understand who he really is and what he represents. They have obviously [...]
Episode # 10 E-Gaming Was The Former Liberal AG Part of the Alleged “Gamesys Proposal”? PREAMBLE Jeffrey Warren Reynolds (JR) was not just a political analyst in the back ground.  [...]
PREAMBLE Jeffrey Warren Reynolds [JR] was providing Paul Maines with copious amounts of text and FB messages for more than a year and a half, as well as screen captures [...]
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