Fleeing Babylon

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PREAMBLE In the newly-filed lawsuit against Premier King et. al., the core of the lawsuit is focussed around the use of private emails to avoid Freedom of Information Act disclosure.  [...]
Brad Trivers is named and identified in the PEI Supreme Court filing against Dennis King, Allan Campbell, Chris LeClair and Jeffrey Reynolds as a “Non-Party” respondent, along with his wife [...]
PREAMBLE The truth has a way of catching up with people in positions of power whenever they try to hide it from the people they are elected to serve. At [...]
PREAMBLE There’s a key or two buried somewhere in every good detective story. Find them and you unlock the meaning of later events. Miss them, and you’re probably that annoying [...]
PREAMBLE The previous episodes in this series have all focused on CMT’s claim of spoliation. A different PC MLA – all currently Cabinet Ministers in the King Government – has [...]
PREAMBLE Recall there are three types of legal claims in CMT’s lawsuit: (1) Spoliation (2) Misfeasance in Public Office and (3) Breach of Contract. My intention with this series is [...]
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