Trivers, Hon. Brad G.; Minister of Social Development and Housing Brad Trivers was first elected in 2015 as the MLA for District 18 Rustico-Emerald.

Brad Trivers is named and identified in the PEI Supreme Court filing against Dennis King, Allan Campbell, Chris LeClair and Jeffrey Reynolds as a “Non-Party” respondent, along with his wife Karen, as well as the Internet Service-providing company, Sunrise Solutions Inc.



As I understand it, the reason for naming Trivers and his company has to do with an Order seeking from the courts the “preservation of records” on servers and that kind of thing….to lock down the records before anyone (NOT Naming any names!) might decide to make them go bye-bye.

I personally think that’s a good idea.

Trivers has a history of knowing how the integration of three things can work nicely to his advantage, those being:

(1) being a MLA;

(2) having access to his own Internet Providing Service; and

(3) using his own Internet Providing Service to communicate – IN HIS CAPACITY AS AN MLA WITH CONSTITUENTS – with his constituents, without any of those “official government records” being “foippable” (as they say), in other words, they would be “off-site” and never located in a search by the Access to Privacy Services Office of the King Government.

People complained to the media about Brad Trivers modus operandi with respect to his communication strategy as an MLA and he promised to end that immediately, confessing the errors of his ways:

Not really an issue one should define as one of “confusion” – I think the facts are  pretty clear: MLAs who communicate relating to their jobs and the business of government outside of their officially-assigned “government” accounts are avoiding accountability.

So he said he’d stop, but on a ‘phased out’ basis:


Whether Trivers is still using his Tech-savviness and personal access to internet servers to his or anyone else’s advantage is no longer a question of any relevance – he and his wife apparently sold the company to Lake Side Design three days after the meeting that Allan Campbell indicated would happen at Sims restaurant, the one that the plaintiffs never alleged Denny attended, but King made a big public denial of anyways.

I find it personally curious that the sale of Sunrise Solutions Inc. came days after that meeting, but I don’t believe there is any suggestions in the legal action that it is significant – as I read Trivers involvement in this filing, it is solely to map out for the court the chain of ownership for the company where the PC email address for Denny King – to which Allan Campbell sent the email regarding the meeting at Sims and follow-up plans for a meeting in Rustico and a golf outing = which was sent when Trivers still owned the company. 


Like his fierce, fighting fellows in the PC caucus, Trivers was, in his boyishly-polite manner, demanding accountability from the Liberals for their refusal to produce records.  Here’s a “series” of such questions he delivered on November 15, 2016.

This was just after the Auditor General made her Special Assignment into Egaming report public in the fall of 2016, just after the Fall Sitting of the House began. Note: I edited out Premier MacLauchlan’s response for three reasons: (1) they were filled with empty words having neither any true meaning or relevance, mostly lies; (2) to shorten the video clip in this post; and (3) Maclauchlan’s answers were not only pointless, but  irritating.

That is, I removed all responses from former Premier MacLauchlan EXCEPT the first one, which is incredibly important, in that he candidly admits that the senior level accounts were “deleted,” adding that it WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

That very quickly was retracted with a doozy of a spin story that was repeated ad nauseam and gained such fame that it ended up making its way into Judge Campbell’s ruling – a total ruse and masterful lying “mind trick” with the public to make a crime look like normal business:   the “spin” that the records were, yes, “deleted”, but in the normal course of business, after the accounts were first “suspended”.  Of course the statutory requirement to preserve copies of all government records for the provincial archives, didn’t happen with Ghiz and Neil Stewart’s orders to ITSS to “delete” the accounts. As ITSS told Public Accounts, if they had known they had not been BACKED UP as required by law, they would not have deleted the accounts!  In the course of “normal business”? Ridiculous!



Brad Trivers was just as vocal in his demands against the government to come clean with the documents on egaming as the lead attackers (Steven Myers, Jamie Fox, and James Aylward in particular) but his message was on cue and clear. 

There’s doubling down, then there’s QUADRUPLING DOWN.

What an opportunity that now presents itself for him. Presumably, that email that was sent to the Premier’s “PC account” on Trivers’ servers, that Dennis King told CBC in a Compass interview he knows nothing about…well, Brad should be able to clear things up on that score.

This is definitely shaping up for some high noon drama! 

On one side we have Paul Maines and one of the top law firms in the country, whose lawyers have decided, apparently, that there are sufficient grounds to support Maines’ lawsuit against the Premier.   

The allegations, if proven in court, will end King’s career at a minimum, and could potentially bring criminal charges.

On the other side is King (his Affidavit had Stewart McKelvey’s address on it, but I’m unsure what lawyer is involved) who, as you’ve just heard from the CBC Compass clip, is vehemently denying all allegations.

Could these top-dog lawyers with the fancy suits, high-rise offices and big salaries from upper Canada have been that stupid to have made such a serious accusation against a sitting Premier, picking on the leader of the tiniest Canadian province? 


I’ve known some pretty stupid lawyers in my day.

But honestly, in my opinion, not a chance!   

A couple of last minute observations before wrapping this one up:


Dennis King has been at the “we can do this egaming thing!” discussion with the insider club for over 20 years, in slightly different capacities:

Premier King was former PC Premier Pat Binns’ communication Officer back in 2002 when Binns and King had the Deputy Provincial Treasurer at the time, Mike O’Brien, pursue an online-lottery scheme called “Earth Lottery”.

King and O’Brien were both “behind-the-scenes” players in the egaming scheme back in 2002, and although King remained “behind-the-scenes” in the second attempt to get into online gambling under Ghiz, O’Brien was one of the core members of the secret egaming working group that met at McInnes Cooper law firm rather than government offices. 

Some years later, Dennis had to excuse himself from speaking to the issue when he was on the CBC political panel, invoking a “conflict-of-interest” citing his involvement with egaming while working for the Mi’Kmaq Confederacy.


King says he not only doesn’t use his dennis@peipc.ca, but doesn’t even have  access to that account, that it is used only for email “blasts” to PC members.

I can actually verify that statement is true; however, the “tense” is wrong….should be “was used” (PAST TENSE, not “present”), because that is the style of email that was assigned to each contender in the PC leadership race in late 2018, mine being kevin@peipc.ca, and we all were given access to the membership lists to do “blasts” to try to get them to vote for us. 

Here’s one such email from that email address from Dennis during the leadership campaign:

I can assure you that Dennis had “access” to that account,(like all of us in the leadership race), unless he left that exclusively to his campaign manager, Stewart-McKelvey lawyer, Margaret Ann Walsh, mentioned in Derrick Snowdy’s Affidavit as the person last to leave Sims, the person who allegedly “paid the bill” for everyone.

Funny thing though, we – PC leadership contenders – were told those email accounts were “temporary,” and would be disabled after the leadership race was over.  For the rest of us contenders, they were of course, but apparently not for Dennis.

As for the email in question, the one that was sent to  dennis@peipc.ca, well, just think about that for a few seconds!

Alan Campbell, presumably a smart man, since he was Robert Ghiz’s chief-of-staff and managed to get appointed to a top Aerospace and Defence position of power with that (and fishing) on his resume – sends this highly confidential email regarding aa “Re: Rustico/gamesys prep” to John Reynolds [rezwarrior_2000@hotmail.com]; Chris LeClair [Chris@policyintel.ca]; (presumably) Frank Zhou, owner of Sunriseltd Inc. group of companies [info@suriseltd.ca]; and also to a seemingly defunct PC leadership  “blast” email account that Dennis claims he doesn’t have access to?  That doesn’t seem very smart.

This give rise to two questions:

  1. Who are they [pc] “blasting” to with this account? (I’m a member and never got any from this email address); and,
  2. Who is the “they”, i.e., who has access to this account if not Dennis King, making decisions and do the technical work around that blasting?

How could the head of Aerospace, Allan Campbell, make such a mistake with such an important email?  Who’s behind that account that has this information about the “secret” scheming to get an “off-site” gaming sweetheart deal in place just like was dreamed back when Wes Sheridan was meeting secretly with Chris LeClair and Keith Laslop if not King?  

I’ve been getting email blasts as a member of the PC Party since 2018; in fact, I received one just the other day, advertising for a new PC Office Manager [“I’ve had it with this corrupt crew!” I imagine the outgoing Manager was thinking to himself (or perhaps saying out loud) as he steamed out the door]. 

Not a single PC Party “blast” email came from dennis@peipe.ca after he became Premier (I checked, and I kept them all). They all came from the same email address as the following one did, info@peipc.ca.

Let me end with a “get ahead of the runaway train” suggestion for you Brad Trivers:

Being the person who set up and manages the email accounts for the PC Party, maybe not since selling to Lake Side, but until then at least, and maybe still, then you already know the answer to the question whether Dennis King had access to that email account and was using it or not.

If he was, he’s done, and you should be sharing that information in disgust at how far the Premier will push the lying narrative.   If the Premier is telling the truth, then you owe it to him to come to his defence because there are certainly not hordes of people coming forward to back him! 

Did he, for example, perhaps “respond” to that email from Allan Campbell? One would presume so, if Allan hadn’t lost it and sent it accidently to an email that no one would ever open because no one had access to it except you and your wife Karen, for PC Blasts?

With those preservation court Orders the truth will eventually come out, so it’s really about whether you want to cut your losses with King and start singing, or whistling, or whatever you have to do to share some of that “truth” you’re currently keeping to yourself. Send one of those blast emails with some answers!