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PREAMBLE On November 22, 2017, the PC Caucus gave Steven Myers enough time in Question Period for him to ask FIFTEEN (15) questions about a shocking new revelation the PCs [...]
Preamble PERJURY 131 (1) Subject to subsection (3), every one commits perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes before a person who is authorized by law to permit it to [...]
PREAMBLE Last Wednesday (February 12, 2020) I received an email from the APSO Coordinator with the Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture, with three attached letters, one for each [...]
PREAMBLE Paul Maines shared a letter with me that he recently received from the Premier’s Office as a final response to his FOIPP request for records from former Premier Robert [...]
PREAMBLE I received a single page  Рactually, two rows in a chart Рon Wednesday of this past week (February 5, 2020) that proves beyond a shadow of a [...]
PREAMBLE This episode revisits issues dealt with in previous episodes concerning the Securities Investigation against Paul Maines and CMT initiated in September 2012 by Steven Dowling, a PEI Government Department [...]
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