Fleeing Babylon

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PREAMBLE In the newly-filed lawsuit against Premier King et. al., the core of the lawsuit is focussed around the use of private emails to avoid Freedom of Information Act disclosure.  [...]
PREAMBLE The truth has a way of catching up with people in positions of power whenever they try to hide it from the people they are elected to serve. At [...]
PREAMBLE I promised a long time ago that I’d eventually publish an article on Neil Stewart, the “fixer” and “cleaner” for the infamous Insider Club perpetuating coverups and corruption for [...]
There’s so many scandals on the go with the King Government these days that it would be easy to miss the significance of what transpired in the dying minutes of [...]
I received the following acknowledgement from an APSO Coordinator on the FOIPP request I submitted the other day seeking government records on the $4.7 million to Robert Irving. Those initial [...]
PREAMBLE In my last article, I characterized the recent decision by the Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture to kick three of my FOIPP requests for Government documents past [...]
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