Fleeing Babylon

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Episode 7: MONKILEAKS Preamble I suspect most of the information in this article will be new to you, as it was new to me until recently, when I received one [...]
PREAMBLE You’ll be happy to hear that I’m going to honour my commitment to give you a short, but important, part of the picture concerning Bliss and Wisdom in PEI…no [...]
EXPLANATORY NOTE REGARDING LITERARY STYLE A complaint I often receive is that my articles are too long and complicated. I’ve fixed that problem. This is not a long, difficult article. [...]
  If you look at a Magic Eye picture in an ordinary way, the three-dimensional image hidden in the picture will never come out. If you stop seeing it in [...]
PREAMBLE Every Islander can tell you that there are Buddhist monks and nuns down East. Most would know that the Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society (GEBIS) are monks (men) and [...]
In this series of articles I will reveal the truth of what is really happening with the recent influx of Buddhist Monks, Nuns, Parishioners and CASH to Eastern PEI, and [...]
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