Fleeing Babylon

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PREAMBLE On Tuesday (June 23, 2020), Green MLA Michele Beaton asked Minister of Agriculture and Land, Hon. Bloyce Thompson three further questions on Executive Council’s June 9, 2020 decision granting [...]
Question: “What do you do if you want to amass more and more prime farmland in PEI but you’ve already reached your limit under the Lands Protection Act?” Answer: “Just [...]
As some of you may be aware, I’ve been attempting to convince IRAC to tear away the veil of secrecy on its Land Databank so Islanders can easily and quickly [...]
Have you ever called PEI the “Million Acre Farm?” Yeah, well…stop doing that. It’s been a very long time since that was true! There were 2,833 farms with 673,196 acres [...]
Minister of Communities, Land and Environment, Hon. Richard Brown, has asked IRAC to review non-resident and corporate land holdings in PEI “…to determine whether anyone is breaking the rules” (CBC, [...]
I recently watched the Presentation which the Federation of Agriculture [President, David Mol & Executive Director, Robert Godfrey] made to the Standing Committee on Communities, Land and Environment on March [...]
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