We need remedies, not a rules review

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2 Responses to We need remedies, not a rules review

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree Kevin, like many concerns which inspire regulations, enforcement is the issue. We can look at the PNP regulations which, if enforced, would have reduced and possibly eliminated any chance of cheating and we can be sure that didn’t happen. Government’s only real power is to make rules ie ;legislation, so maybe we have to look at the enforcement agencies, in this case IRAC and have that board made up of regular respected Islanders from tip to tip who are tasked with upholding the spirit of legislation. This could reduce the “legal” handicap which seems to be so ingrained in our present systems. BTW, the city of Charlottetown just turned on a new well field which has the capacity to pump 1000 gallons/minute or 60,000 gallons/hour quite sure that would be considered “high capacity” don’t you?

  2. Barb MacFarlane says:

    Thank you for this, Kevin. I agree, loopholes need to be plugged, but as you say, they likely won’t – just more studies!!

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