Fleeing Babylon

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A lot has happened with the ongoing e-gaming scandal and the King Government cover-up of that scandal since my last article way back on March 13th. Now that CMT’s Appeal [...]
PREAMBLE There are three main “types” of claims in the CMT lawsuit that Judge Gordon Campbell dismissed: (1) Spoliation (2) Misfeasance and (3) Breach of Contract. This series contrasts: (1) [...]
PREAMBLE If you’ve been following this 25-part series on e-gaming, the CMT Securities Investigation, CMT’s lawsuit, and Judge Campbell’s September 25, 2019 decision to dismiss all claims by CMT against [...]
It’s perhaps not surprising that Dennis King has not made a big deal about the key anti-corruption policies embedded within the PC Policy Platform.  Granted, there was never a question [...]
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