Fleeing Babylon

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PREAMBLE This episode revisits issues dealt with in previous episodes concerning the Securities Investigation against Paul Maines and CMT initiated in September 2012 by Steven Dowling, a PEI Government Department [...]
PREAMBLE With just 4 episodes remaining in this 25-part series, I want to make them count. If you’ve been following this docu-series on Judge Campbell’s ruling to dismiss CMT’s lawsuit [...]
Preamble In Episode #17, I provided a link to the Fresh Evidence Motion that CMT filed in the PEI Supreme Court of Appeal last Friday (December 1, 2019). I dealt [...]
Episode #14: Remembering the Loyalty Card Program Paragraph 127 in CMT’s original Statement of Claim read: 127.  In October of 2011, the Loyalty/VIP Program was given approval by the Department of [...]
The Latin motto for the PEI Law Society was adopted from the provincial Coat of Arms and reads: “Parva Sub Ingenti” which translates: “The small under the protection of the [...]
Capital Markets Technologies (CMT’s) Statement of Claim against the PEI Government contained the following allegations: 126.  In July 2011, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Melissa MacEachern (“MacEachern”), through Internetwork, an approved [...]
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