The Liberal Government & Bell Aliant

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  1. Chester Llewellyn says:

    This is an excellent commentary and I am believing this has been vetted and validated…….It’s most refreshing to hear what is not heard publicly by these out and out scoundrels…….nothing will happen unless some force can out them and Publicly shame them and even then they do not go away but continue to gravitate to continued ” Entitlement and use of public money at our expense…….to the courts they should go and in short order also….very deceitful both Ghiz and Wade ” Who “……..wish i never heard of both of them……a shame to the province of PEI…….thanks for this excellent overview of what is really going on and what else lurks beyond when moral character is so noticeably missing……this story is not over……Please continue to expose the lies of these two men……….

  2. W.Wilkins says:

    Wow, talk about ringing the Bell. Thank you for articulating your perspective. Lest we forget, we Islanders are not immune from greed and corruption any more than we’re immune from willful blindness. To stir us from our somnolent submissiveness is no small task, but putting the ducks in a row for us might help; at a minimum, it quacks open a window on the truth.

  3. Not only did we pay for the system and then give it to the global conglomerate Bell, but they won’t even tell us where it is. That’s right we don’t even have a map of this network that we paid for.

    • James Cosgrave says:

      Yes where did those millions go? Ghiz really is something and proves fruit can fall very far from the tree – so little conscience, morals or any real sense – oh Bobby Bobby what a pathetic legacy. And now Xplornet has gotten $1.6 million to do what Bell should have done…WTF is going on with so-called high speed on PEI? And now Wade plans to run Fiber Op from tip to tip even ‘tho Xplornet was subsidized to put up enough towers for LTE to cover the Island. It is a complicated mess and we still have to have a satellite dish on our house for internet.

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