Public Consultations On Immigration Urgently Needed

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  1. Thane Arsenault says:

    Great piece of writing Kevin. Who do you think will be wanting to read your commissioned papers on immigration strategies? Well done!

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  2. As well, my knowledge was that although the federal government stopped the embarrassment of what the PEI government was doing with the PNP program. The second PNP stream never stopped. Thank you for writing this and imagine what could be done with a properly designed program for all communities across PEI, not just the greed of a few select individuals. I will be requesting your report from the government.

    • Thanks Alan. Ask for both reports…I also did a study on refugees in PEI I didn’t mention in this article you might as well ask for while you’re at it. It was titled, “The Health of Refugees in PEI,” dated September 5, 2012 (36pps).

  3. Janice Nicolle says:

    Excellent research. Thank you very much for this information.

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