Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about celebrating the culture of immigrants settling in PEI – I started the PEI Multicultural festival that has ballooned into multiple cities and towns in PEI when I was the Director of the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada.

I even arranged to have our entire website continuously translated into Chinese and provided translation and interpretation services to facilitate integration of non-English speaking Chinese immigrants to PEI.

Celebrating chinese culture is not the same as celebrating the Chinese government!

These two ‘captures’ from Summerside’s facebook newsfeed reveal how our government has “associated” itself unabashedly with those affiliated with the Chinese government. The top one from very recently, and other from a few years back when Summerside was being solicited to join the party, uh…the CCP party, apparently.

As the director of the PEIANC for 10 years – during the PNP ‘hey-day’ – I saw clearly the great “divide’ happening in PEI chinese culture.

On the one hand, there were those ‘fleeing’ the tyranny, mostly chinese that first landed in Taiwan or a neighbouring country, then managed to navigate the immigration system to get here somehow; and then there are the Chinese that Frank Zhou hand-picked to come here.

In any other country, those individuals would be ‘spy suspects’ but the alliance between the PEI government and the wealthy Chinese-government supporting immigrants is so tight there’s really no need for subterfuge and skulking around for information….a phone call to the Premier’s office will suffice.

What Islanders are NOT aware of is how the “tension” in Chinese culture among the Chinese living in PEI that is never discussed – but is certainly evident in world politics as the Communist giant China threatens war against Taiwan – is also threatening to TEAR BLISS AND WISDOM corporation apart, as the strategy to take what began as “Tibetan Buddhism with Taiwanese monks and nuns” [the first 2 Buddhist groups], then “merge it” with a less “Dalai Llama’ version from China [the 3 subsequent groups of monks and nuns].

This is actually a VERY big story no one is telling, and for more details from me, you’ll have to wait for a later episode in my soon-to-be-launched Monkileaks ‘the Sequel’ series.

But, in the meantime, ponder why you hear continuously about Gebis (monks) and GWBI (nuns) of Bliss and Wisdom, but you have NEVER heard anything about the other three Buddhist groups of monks and nuns on the Island which are also a part of Bliss and Wisdom, and each of which has been registered as non-profit charities, ..THEY are amassing the land, doing the business and deals, etc., while the Taiwanese monks and nuns with GWBI and GEBIS – who have actually backed off from land-buying – are taking the heat!

The International organization Human Rights Watch had this to say about China in its World Report for 2023:

“International attention to Chinese government human rights violations grew. Eight governments engaged in a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in protest. In June, entry into force of the United States Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act established a presumption that goods from Xinjiang are made from forced labor and cannot be imported. In August, the former United Nations high commissioner for human rights released her report on Xinjiang, concluding that the abuses in the region “may constitute crimes against humanity.” [See: ].

If you bump into your local mayor, tell him and her to ditch the ‘let’s fly a communist flag’ idea for the sake of over a million Uighurs being ‘re-schooled’ by Chinese tyrants in prisons.