Great to have you back for another episode of “Great Question – No Answer;” the Facebook Game Show where every single Liberal MLA’s favorite “knock-knock” joke is the one about the interrupting duck…you know the one:

Liberal MLA: “Knock-knock”
Opposition MLA: “Who’s There?”
Liberal MLA: “Interrupting Duck”
Opposition MLA: “Interrupting…..
Liberal MLA: “Quack Quack Quack Quack…
Opposition MLA: ”ah …crap…you interrupted me! Real funny.”

Note: To hear a “live” version of this joke told by a sitting Liberal MLA simply attend Question (Period) on any given day the House is sitting. To hear it dozens of times during the same House Session, you might want to watch the Leader of the Third Party’s Speech responding to the Speech from the Throne, which he delivered during the evening session on November 23rd. Here’s the link:

Before getting elected, Wade MacLaughlan presented himself as “Dr. Decorum” and “Mr. Transparency” …… but after drinking the potion of executive power, he’s become “Dr. Heckle and Mr. Hide” along with the rest of the Liberal Caucus.

Today’s “Great Question” goes to Steven Myers for asking the Premier why his government granted Kevin Murphy a “brewery licence” allowing him to sell beer in a grocery store even though he’s not actually “brewing” any beer in the store, just trucking it from elsewhere. That’s our “great question” for the day and the first part of the video clip.

However, in fairness to the Premier, he confessed up-front that he didn’t have an answer, and promised Myers he’d get the requested information and bring an answer back to the House…..we’ll have to wait and see. So I can’t give the Premier the “No Answer” award since he did (kinda) answer the question by saying “I can’t answer the question.”

Today’s winning “No Answer” award once again goes to Hon. Robert Mitchell for not answering the same question by Mathew MacKay multiple times.

Opposition PC MLAs have been calling on the government to set-up an all-party committee to collaborate in drafting regulations for the Water Act – which is a great idea and a great way for the Premier to fulfill his promise to “collaborate” with the opposition – but having previously given many “no answer” responses to numerous variations of this same question, Minister Mitchell has made it pretty clear that his “No Answer” responses to this question are never going to turn into a “Sure, what the heck, let’s do this thing!” answer.

By repeatedly asking the same question in today’s Question (Period), Mackay essentially wasted an opportunity to ask the government other “new” questions on other issues which needed to be not answered.