Yesterday (November 28, 2017) I posted a short clip of Brad Trivers asking the Liberal Minister responsible for Immigration (Hon. Heath McDonald) a question about the PNP. The Minister’s response failed to even reference the question, let alone answer it.

Since the government seems bent on turning Question (Period) into a public joke and national embarrassment, I figured that until they stop acting like immature adolescents, we might as well make a game out of it as well. So, for each day remaining in the Fall sitting of the House, I intend to post one question and response which I believe best meets the criteria of “Great Question….No Answer.” It’s Question (Period) because there’s never an answer to the Question (Period)!


The MLA asking the “Great” question will get points for a simple, direct and important question that can (and should) be easily answered in the short time allotted to the government MLA to whom the question is directed.

The responding MLA will get extra points for completely avoiding any reference to the question. Maximum points will go to the MLA who answers with a completely unrelated answer. For example, if asked “Do fish swim?” and the MLA answers “Mr. Speaker the moon was quite bright last night,” full points will be awarded. If the government MLA answers the same question with “Fish come in all shapes and sizes, Mr. Speaker”, fewer points will be awarded since “fish” are indeed mentioned, although no answer is given to the question as to whether they swim. That response may still be a contender however, depending on the merits of the question asked, and whether other government MLA responses completely avoided reference to their questions…..get the picture?

Today’s winning question goes to Peter Bevan Baker for asking an incredibly important question to (once again) the Minister responsible for immigration about an internal report the government recently did evaluating the Provincial Nominee Program (which the government has so far refused to make available to anyone, including the opposition MLAs). Peter simply asked the Minister to mention the key outcomes which should be achieved by a successful PN program and whether the government’s evaluation determined whether those outcomes were, in fact, being achieved.

I think you’ll agree, Minister McDonald’s response not only gives “No Answer,” but makes not even the slightest reference to the internal evaluation, the PNP outcomes, or whether those outcomes were even evaluated. So for the second day in a row, congratulations Minister McDonald, you’re the winner of “Great Question – No Answer.”

Here’s how you can play along at home: Watch Question (Period) in the House online during the next session – or better still, attend the Legislative Assembly in person – then pick your favorite “Great Question – No Answer” exchange… then tune in to my Facebook timeline within the next 24 hours to see if you’ve won!