November 30, 2017: James Aylward & Robert Mitchell (Water Act Regulations)


Thanks for tuning in for another episode of “Great Question – No Answer.” The PEI Legislative Assembly Game Show where the rules are ignored, the questions don’t matter, and there’s never a straight answer to any Question (Period)!

Today’s winning question and response goes to James Aylward (questioner) and Robert Mitchell (non-answerer) with a clear and direct question on the Water Act Regulations. Both MLAs racked up major points with this exchange for their dogged persistence in, respectively, “asking” and “not answering” the very same question.

Aylward directed his “yes-or-no” question to the Premier, but it was Mitchell who rose four times out of five to not answer the question; the Premier only rose once to not answer it.

I suppose it would be fair to conclude that the government clearly has no intention of striking an all-party committee to develop the Water Act Regulations – as suggested by James Aylward five times – but you won’t find any official confirmation of that in the Hansard transcript from today’s question (period).

Here’s a clip of one of the five times Aylward asked the Premier the same question, along with Mitchell’s no-answer response. The other four responses were just “variations on a theme.”


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