December 3, 2017: Spike MacLauchlan & Chester Brown


Anyone remember the two dogs “Spike and Chester” from Bugs Bunny, and the unique relationship they enjoyed? Well I do; and a scene from an old episode popped into my mind after reading Hon. Jordan Brown’s reply to comments which appeared under Vision PEI’s Facebook Share of my last episode of “Great Question – No Answer,” which read as follows:

JORDAN BROWN: ” I’m sorry folks, I’ll try not to smile anymore. I didn’t realize it was a bad thing. I will strive to be more cynical and downtrodden in the future. #sourgrapes

Most of the comments on Friday’s episode were not about the Premier’s “no answer” to Darlene Compton’s “great question,” but focussed on what many regarded as a smug smirk on Hon. Jordan Brown’s face in the background, expressing lap-doggish loyalty and support for the Premier.

Two Questions to the Minister of Education: (1) “Would you also characterize your facial expressions in the following clip (also taken from Friday’s Question Period) as just a smile?; and, (2) after watching the Spike and Chester clip, can you see any similarity between your relationship with the Premier and Chester’s relationship with Spike?


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