No Criminal Prosecution for Robert Ghiz


Pre-enquete Brief with hyperlinks, August 22, 2018


Chief Judge Nancy Orr will not be issuing “process” to proceed with a criminal trial against former Premier Robert Ghiz. This morning’s hearing, based on allegations that Ghiz committed a crime when he destroyed the documents of his Chief-of-staff (Chris LeClair) and Clerk of the Executive Council (Rory Beck), lasted about an hour. I’ve uploaded the brief I presented to Judge Orr, with embedded links to all the referenced documents. Read it, and let me know your thoughts. Do you think it provides evidence of a crime? As you read, remember: these were public records that Robert Ghiz had a legal “duty” to preserve. What was in them? I guess we’ll never know.


  1. Another excellent example of why we must change the reporting procedures for the Solicitor General. If the Sol Gen was independent of the political executive and reported directly to the legislative assembly through the Lt Governor in Council, that office would have the resources to pursue issues such as this, the PNP and E-gaming to name a few. Frustrating when you realize that those entrusted with the greatest powers feel they are above the law. The citizens will keep working to change our political landscape which has become autocratic, secretive and self serving.

  2. Sorry to say that this does not surprise me. My own experience with Private Prosecution involving government wrongdoing in PEI is that PEI politicians are virtually immune to prosecution in a PEI court regardless of the crime, and regardless of the evidence.

  3. So sorry to hear this, Kevin. You have worked so hard and had such an iron-clad case. What would a person have to do to be held accountable in this case. Makes you wonder!!

    1. That is so hard to believe. I guess as long as you are or were ever in government you are above the law. Thank you Kevin for all your hard work. Your reward will come someday.

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