Coleen MacQuarrie

“To voice the mass disapproval of PEI’s lack of abortion services, and to challenge the reluctance of PEI’s patriarchal politicians on the issue of abortion access, we will be marching from the Liberal Party headquarters on Kent Street to the Gentlemen’s Club on the corner of King and Great George,” says a statement on the web page of the Revolutionary Communist Party” [Guardian, March 4, 2016]. 


Event PostTo launch my PC Leadership campaign I created an event on my Facebook Page inviting people to attend. On December 3, just by chance, I discovered the following facebook comment below my event which had been shared on another person’s timeline. Pro-abortion advocate and UPEI professor, Dr. Colleen MacQuarrie [the woman in the above picture with the bull-horn and red pigtails] had posted the following cryptic question:


Having no idea what she was referring to, I immediately deleted Dr. MacQuarrie’s comment.  Yesterday, December 10, 2018, I received an email from the Chair of the PC Leadership Convention Committee stating:

“I have been asked by the Dispute Resolution Committee to arrange a meeting between you and the committee for tomorrow afternoon.”

My Campaign Manager and I met with the committee earlier today. They advised us that they had received an email, referencing “grope and rape” cars in Kinkora, with the suggestion that I might have been involved in these events – “or not” – or that I might have had knowledge about the alleged activities that happened almost 40 years ago.

Although the committee would not reveal who had sent the letter, it was clear that the author was Dr. Colleen MacQuarrie.  The author of the email had also indicated that she had asked me about the “grope and rape cars in Kinkora,” and that I had “refused to answer,” adding: “Perhaps he would be more interested in answering to the inside machinery of the PC leadership.”

Why would Dr. MacQuarrie post a question to me on someone else’s Facebook timeline without even “tagging me” and then accuse me of not answering her question? If she honestly believed I had any knowledge about “grope and rape cars in Kinkora,” she could have – and should have – contacted me directly.

And why would Dr. MacQuarrie then write to the PC Party concerning such a grave matter rather than reporting to the police?

What exactly is her intent in doing this now?  Is she attempting to have the PC Party suspend my candidacy for leadership?   What might Dr. MacQuarrie’s motive be for seemingly trying to destroy my leadership campaign?  Might it be the fact that I have been a vocal and public supporter of pro-life issues in recent years?

It really saddens me to think that someone with the professional position of Dr. MacQuarrie, a faculty member at UPEI, would resort to using unfounded public accusations and  insinuations against me – as grave and serious as sexual assault and rape – as a weapon to attack my reputation and bid to become PC leader.

I have reported Dr. MacQuarrie’s actions to the Montague detachment of the RCMP, as I feel her actions are targeted and malicious. They have opened a file on the matter.