My Policy on Abortion

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3 Responses to My Policy on Abortion

  1. Garth McKinnon says:

    This is what I have been waiting for. before and since, abortion became legal on PEI. A common sense approach that meets the all the needs and concerns of all women in crisis pregnancies. There should also be a requirement that anyone requesting an abortion be referred to a legitimate Crisis pregnancy center before getting an abortion. These centers should also be licensed, regulated and subsidized by the PEI government to alleviate any fears of coercement, harassment or misinformation. Indeed, they should be required by law to report any of the above mentioned actions to the proper authorities.

    Well done Kevin. It is time to return to common sense response to crisis pregnancies that will be beneficial not only to those women in crisis but also to soul of PEI.

  2. Barb MacFarlane says:

    Excellent, Kevin.

  3. Paul Schratz says:

    Kevin Arsenault deserves to win simply for the courage he’s shown in making this amazing and groundbreaking statement. He’ll come under enormous attack for his reasonable position, but if he sticks to his principles he can show politicians and Canadians from coast to coast they have nothing to fear from helping women facing unplanned pregnancies and by supporting some commonsense restrictions. Abortion is the default option for too many women thanks to pressure from their loved ones and the unrestricted access to abortion in this country. I pray this is the start of a new political era in Canada when pro-life issues can be rationally debated.

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